Square-Enix working on MMORPG for XBOX360 and Vista

In an interview with Pro-G, Hiromichi Tanaka has confirmed that Square-Enix is working on a next-generation massively multiplayer online role-playing game for the Xbox 360 and Windows Vista. Tanaka is the Senior Vice President of Software Development at Square Enix and he was the lead developer of Final Fantasy XI. He's currently working on the Nintendo DS version of Final Fantasy III.

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PS360PCROCKS4899d ago

Oh woopty doo, I hate Final Fantasy. In fact I don't like any of that japan animation so whatever they do probably won't even catch any of my attention. It is good news that the 360 is being supported by them tho.

ChickeyCantor4899d ago

o nooooooooooooooooo they wont get your attention.............there goes the japanes gaming market !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O NOEEEEEEEEEES

Sphinx4899d ago

I've never gotten into any of them, I tried Everquest but got bored in a month. However, I've seen some of the Star Wars Galaxies and found it intriguing, and FFXI looked sorta cool, except for the fact that it's the same thing over and over again. I want an MMO where people can be different, do different things, and not all be the same basic character with different weapons and whatnot. I want a MMO that really lets each character do its own thing.

Lucidmantra4899d ago (Edited 4899d ago )

Vanguard: Saga Of Heros

If you played EQ1 then try EQ2. It is a better game fundamentally. LOTRO might be an option but I personally I am looking forward to Age of Conan it is the best MMO coming down the pipe right now.

Also: SWG is crap.. I played since Beta 1 and it is a broke game that they keep breaking worse everytime they try to fix it. This from a guy who has a Elder Master Jedi. I made it when you had to devote weeks and weeks of time not hours to level.

But if you want a huge world where you can do anything you want: Vanguard Saga of heros and it just launched last month.

nirwanda4899d ago

Really enjoyed the FF11 360 beta test never played an MMO till then just don't like the idea of pay subscription fee's to play I understand why it's a necessity but it wasn't quite good enough to justify the cost.

maybe if you could pay in left over MS points or have 2100 points for 6 months then maybe i'd give one a go when the beta was ongoing the world was very busy and pretty fun but when all that ended I bet it was quite.

at leased it was a dam site more stable than the phantasy star online demo.
come on square you had an opportunity to make an mmo with 360 players vs PS3 player the ultimate clan war let there is a deluge of MMO's on the pc and it will struggle to pull people away from WOW but if you made it 360 vs PS3 then it wouldn't matter what it was like you would have had a selling point without even trying

calderra4899d ago

Wow, FFXI:2.
I can't wait to not care about this one as well.

I remember watching some friends (try to) play that game. It took about 3 hours to get it up and running, and they died fighting a first-level rabbit a few minutes later. The guy who was trying to interest everyone in the game was all about "oh, this game is so cool" and "my character has all these skills" and "i've been all these places." They loaded up his character, so we asked him what level he was.

"Level... well almost level 3. Wait... no... I'm almost level 2."
...and he'd been playing the game for about a week.

No thank you.
I'll stick to... every other game in the world.

nicodemus4899d ago

This is good news for Microsoft, but I couldn't care less. I hate turn-based games where you have to stand there and let the computer attack, then you attack, then they attack again, and its all just randomly hitting or missing - I don't see the draw in these kinds of games at all.

Grown Folks Talk4899d ago

as i've said before. i would rather lose because i made a mistake, not because the computer decides i "missed".

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