The Game Awards Has Lost any Semblance of Balance

From Cinelinx:

Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards showcase can’t be both a way to “honor the gaming industry” and an E3 competitor at the same time.

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Orchard420d ago

Is it even a competitor to E3 though? The show was pretty lackluster in terms of announcements & trailers etc. The two best showings were Senua (from a graphics perspective) and AW2 (from a new game announcement perspective).

It's got a long way to go if it wants to be anywhere remotely close to E3.

LoveSpuds420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

If you want to question the pacing and duration of the show, that's one thing, but how you can suggest the game announcements and reveals we're lacklustre is beyond me. There was so much great stuff show and some great surprises.

It has never tried to position itself as a E3 competitor, its a game awards shoe, there is no trade show element at all.

Xb1ps4420d ago

The "hardcore" gamers have always been a finicky bunch.

They had great announcements and I appreciated the show.

--Onilink--419d ago

Yeah, its the pacing that kills it for me. I understand the need for ads to cover expenses, but its just WAAAAY to many of them.

Even the awards themselves would normally slow the pace, but when you factor in the ads it just becomes a slog. There has to be a better way to do the ads

Michiel1989419d ago

Its maybe because what was said about the show beforehand, they said they had 5 announcements comparable to elden ring, and i think they failed in that aspect. I still think it was a great show with cool announcements etc, but maybe that statement contributed to people feeling a bit let down by it.

_SilverHawk_419d ago

I Can't wait to watch a way better game awards show being made by the author.

JangoMan419d ago

Pacing had its issues but if we compare this years TGA to previous ones, i see lot of improvements. They are improving every year.

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Ruegrong419d ago

I disliked because i hate acronyms 'AW2'

Seraphim419d ago

that's kind of my thinking, though, not for said reasons. We have E3 & TGS but even E3 has become less dominant. Especially since the pandemic and with Sony not attending. We're also seeing how easily developers and platform holders can shift toward a more focused showcase such as Nintendo Direct and PS.

However, those two major events are traditionally the big shows with reveals. I believe the EU has a show as well but I don't recall that ever having major [global] reveals. At the same time, depending on development it makes sense to announce some games during the VGA's, I guess. Suppose it also can't hurt viewership but who knows. I've never once watched the VGAs & don't care to. But at the end of the day I agree, is there even a competitor to E3 and TGS. My answer would be no. The VGAs can have their reveals but at the end of the day it's alternative sources that will provide a bulk of reveals; imo.

KingofBandits419d ago (Edited 419d ago )

I think the announcements were way better then in previous years however the SJW pandering and constant reminders of it were vomit inducing. the show was has been becoming more and more influenced by flavor of the day politics from the bowels of twitter, and frankly Im done with it. all this stupid #metoo bull, its "HER" turn force fed crap, constant reminders that talking trash online is no longer acceptable, blah blah.....its like the whole thing was written out a paced by the former Hillary Clinton campaign staff. These types of people have used pop culture pass times (comics, gaming and movies) as a means to champion their degenerate behaviors and social darlings, and in time they will learn that the only result of woke is broke. They did it to movies to a disastrous degree, western comic books are all but dead, and gaming will be next.

Atticus_finch418d ago (Edited 418d ago )

Horizon had better graphics than Senuas "gameplay" Easily.

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Outlawzz420d ago

I liked the show and I thought it was better than last years. Also, the orchestra is amazing !

LoveSpuds420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

Yup, a bit long but I have to say, they got the cadence just right in my opinion, I can't say I was ever bored and there were so many trailers and reveals to keep me interested throughout. I thought it was really decent this year.

It's a shame that so many sit on the side lines and snipe and the Game Awards and Jeff Keighley but considering he doesn't have the financial backing that likes of the Oscars has, I think he deserves a lot of credit for getting these events off the ground.

CS7420d ago

Same. I hadn’t watch The Game Awards in years but I saw the live youtube link and took a quick look…. Then I had trouble pulling away to get to bed.

Great announcements
Great trailers
Fair awards
Very high production values
And an overall feeling of celebrating gaming

After that show is when I gained respect for TGA.

Outlawzz419d ago

@ lovespuds

Yea it's a shame people don't realize how much work gets put into it especially with limited funding and I have to give it up to him, he has a dream and it's getting better every year so I'm celebrating with him.

I don't care wt critics have to say and come on, that orchestra! playing some of the best in game music, which itself doesn't get as much attention as it should, that alone is gold lol

porkChop420d ago

Awarding devs for their hard work while also giving them a platform to announce their new projects. On top of that, they also organized the whole demo event to highlight creative indie devs that otherwise would have gone unnoticed. How is that not honoring the industry? This year's show was really good, better than it has been in years. The majority of the awards were fair and deserved, lots of cool trailers, surprises, etc. What else are you expecting?

My one major problem going into the show was Geoff's silence on the treatment of devs in this industry. But he heard the complaints and he started the show with a statement in support of devs. It took a while, but at least he listened.

Michiel1989419d ago

i got a bit mixed feelings about it, on the one hand it should be adressed and a show where there are so many watching is a good platform for that. On the other hand I dont think he is the right man to have a monologue there about the treatment of employees, it could get awkward if the message he gives doesnt resonate with everyone, compromising the show in the process.

I think also most of the people that watch TGA are allready aware of what is going on (especially with actiblizz in this instance), but maybe im totally wrong about that. My mom who never plays games, besides some tetris and mario kart with me when i was a kid asked me about it because she heard about the uproar it caused.

derek420d ago

All these shows are terrible. Your not missing anything by waiting for the live show to finish and check out the trailers and demos afterwards.

chadwarden420d ago

Seriously. It's a giant waste of time to sit through all that fluff.

KingofBandits419d ago

agreed if I wanted to be talked down to and listen to a bunch of nobodies pander to an ever smaller subset of nobodies' Id watch the Oscars. Thats the problem, the average person has gotten sick of these pompous "stars" being paraded around and given a platform to spew stupid twitter talking points. The VGA's are right at the tipping point, they are one or two more min away from being so "stunning and brave" that they loose relevance.

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