Alan Wake 2 Will Be the ‘Most Beautiful Remedy Game Ever'

Remedy's Sam Lake promises Alan Wake 2 will be the most beautiful Remedy game ever made thanks to Northlight.

Jin_Sakai538d ago

Alan Wake was a great game and I have no doubt this will be even better. Can’t wait!

darthv72538d ago

I have been spoiled by the 60fps of the remaster so i hope the followup retains that. MS were stupid to have passed on this so long ago but it is nice Remedy kept tinkering with the notion of one day making it happen. It makes me hopeful for a Quantum Break 2 at some point.

bouzebbal538d ago

Lol is their first next gen game so why this kind of very expected announcement

autobotdan538d ago

Well they were not about the say- 'Remedy's Sam Lake promises Alan Wake 2 will be the 3rd most beautiful Remedy game ever made' lol

RaidenBlack538d ago

Well no doubt.
The Northlight is a powerhouse of an engine.

babadivad538d ago

I loved Alan Wake but I'd prefer Quantum Break 2.

Concertoine538d ago

I liked QB and enjoyed that gameplay over AW but it doesnt lend itself to sequels v well. I think it was perfect as a stand alone game.

TheDoomedGuy538d ago

Well you must not have been listening or reading the lore in the game.

QB has a tremendous amount of sequel content.

Michiel1989538d ago

@thedoomedguy also depends on what kind of ending you like (didnt play QB so cant comment on that), but for last of us and to some extent horizon zero dawn didnt need a sequel for me. I like open endings, where the main plotline is ended but the future (of the world) is left to my imagination and I think Last of Us and Horizon are perfect examples of that.

pietro1212538d ago

QB needs a sequel too the lore is expansive and now it’s all connected.

babadivad537d ago

The ending literally set it self up as a to be continued.

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TheDoomedGuy538d ago (Edited 538d ago )

Depends on what kind of changes are made in this sequel. Could be really great but I agree I'd lilove a QB2 Just like I'd love a Ryse 2 but....fat chance.

babadivad537d ago

Holding out hope for QB2. As for Ryze, I think the technology is good enough to have an do a Mongol Empire and call it "Ryze son of the Steppe".

It would be extremely cool to traverse the Eurasian Steppe with an army behind you.

Ninver538d ago

Relax with the hype without gameplay.

Prubar538d ago

They don’t need to show gameplay if they have the pedigree. Which they do.

pietro1212538d ago

Remedy has an amazing track record though.

Ninver538d ago

Yeah so did CD Project Red and Rockstar.

TheDoomedGuy537d ago

Rockstar and cdprojekt don't have amazing track records.
CD project only ever made witcher and rockstar has maybe 3 IP under their belt.

pietro1212537d ago


Rockstar has been known to release duds and CD Project Red had one great title under their belt.

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