PlayStation Home Users Own Rights to User-Submitted Content, Except When They Don't, Which is Always

In the Terms of Service for the PlayStation Home Open Beta, GameCyte discovered that Sony intends to let Home users be the owners of their user-generated content.

But it seems that Sony has no idea what it means to be an owner.

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LeJerque3597d ago

Ah, Sony. Your continued reminder, that even people with the worst ideas ever can also grow up to be multi-billionaires, brightens my day.

ahnonamis3597d ago

Dream big, and one day you too can make 40 cents per virtual shirt sold.

f7897903597d ago

Its still yours, but we are going to sell it and keep the money.

Horny Melon3597d ago

this is the main reason why we chose not to do a Horny Melon themed lvl for LBP.

darkdoom30003597d ago

whao.. my brain just fried. im going back to HOME...

3597d ago
40cal3597d ago

So you can not start you own business in HOME with out going through the proper channels and paying your licensing fees.

Well no $h!t.

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