Paste: Rise of the Argonauts Review

While most video-game developers have taken the film industry's lead in scavenging the Marvel and DC superhero universes, Codemasters shrewdly bucks the trend by eschewing DC for B.C. The developer's newest RPG focuses on the exploits of Jason of the Argonauts and his epic quest for the Golden Fleece. If you've heard the tale before, get ready for some surprises. Instead of rehashing the story as it's been handed down, the game's writers embrace the folk tradition by cherry-picking several of the more famous characters and weaving a fresh take on the adventure.

Even if Argonauts isn't always smooth sailing, it's a voyage that will capture your imagination and leave you eager to find out what happens next.

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Harry1903597d ago

It's the kind of score I was expecting. Already pre ordered.