The Matrix Awakens is an unmissable next-gen showcase

See how UE5 delivers on PS5 and Xbox Series machines.

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Jin_Sakai159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Demo is beyond amazing visually. The night mode is really something to behold.

Demo stats:

- The city is 4,138 km wide and 4.968 km long, slightly larger than the size of downtown Los Angeles
- The city surface is 15.79 km2
- The city perimeter is 14.519 km long
- There are 260 km of roads in the city
- There are 512 km of sidewalk in the city
- There are 1,248 intersections in the city
- There are 45,073 parked cars, of which 38,146 are drivable and destructible
- There are 17,000 simulated traffic vehicles on the road that are destructible
- 7,000 buildings
- 27,848 lamp posts on the street side only
- 12,422 sewer holes
- Almost 10 million unique and duplicated assets were created to make the city
- The entire world is lit by only the sun, sky and emissive materials on meshes. No light sources were placed for the tens of thousands of street lights and headlights. In night mode, nearly all lighting comes from the millions of emissive building windows
- 35,000 simulated MetaHuman pedestrians
- Average polygon count? 7000k buildings made of 1000s of assets and each asset could be up to millions of polygons so we have several billions of polygons to make up just the buildings of the city

_SilverHawk_159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

How many gbs is it on switch?

darthv72159d ago

Just imagine Arkham Knight 2 running on that engine.

SenorFartCushion158d ago

They’re too busy with their frustratingly generic looking suicide squad game.

Orchard159d ago

Thanks for sharing these stats!

Jin_Sakai159d ago

No problem. Pretty interesting stats!

I wish Epic would do something besides Fortnite. They have some amazing talent.

sourOG159d ago

That’s sick! I have it downloaded but I haven’t tried it yet. All of that shit means this is a demo of what an actual game could look like. That has me hyped.

porkChop159d ago

"I wish Epic would do something besides Fortnite. They have some amazing talent."

They have the talent, the tools, and the funding. They could make any game they want. Reminds me of Valve. Once the Steam money started really rolling in they basically stopped making games. Such a waste of talent.

outsider1624158d ago

Man..this was what Cyberpunk should have been...oof.

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cbuc1125159d ago

This tech really showcases what the new systems are capable of. I cant wait for UE5 games to drop.

Jin_Sakai159d ago

And to think UE5 isn’t finished and the demo hasn’t been optimized to it’s fullest.

Games are going to look amazing. Especially when last gen consoles are out of the equation.

outsider1624158d ago

I wonder if Days Gone 2 would use this. IF they ever make a DG2.

blackblades159d ago

Honestly think some devs still won't take full advantage of it.

esherwood159d ago

Of course some devs won’t, what does that even mean lol. Honestly think some people aren’t going to get up for work tomorrow

SenorFartCushion158d ago

Sadly it’ll Probably be wasted making online only Fortnite clones.

nveenio158d ago

Am I the only person who noticed the horribly short LOD range on pedestrians and cars? The pop-in of geometry inside of cars as you walk past them? The pedestrians only look "next-gen" when you are within arm's length of them? I jumped on N4G to see if people were bashing the "tech demo" as much as I wanted to, only to see it getting nothing but praise. Honestly, I feel more impressed by Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

babadivad158d ago

This is what's in store once the cross-gen title releases are over.

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Orchard159d ago

It really is a great showcase for the consoles and for UE5. I hope DF do a deep-dive video also.
I really can't wait to play the first real UE5 next-gen games.

It's crazy that we've reached this level of detail where it's actually hard to tell what's real and what isn't.

phoenixwing158d ago

Cherno on YouTube is really great to watch since he's an actual dev

VersusDMC159d ago

The city and the destructability are next gen...but the character models are meh. There's no uncanny valley going on with the characters in Death Stranding but here Keanu and Carrie looked weird.

Am i crazy?

Dandizzle159d ago

Yeah you crazy it looks killer.

Melankolis159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

The characters in open world games are often less quality than the characters in linear story-driven game. The characters in GTA V were also less detailed than Nathan Drake in Uncharted 1. That, and The Matrix isn't final product anyway.

VersusDMC159d ago

The close ups of carrie and keanu were in game cutscenes and keanu and carrie aren't even controlable in the open world so it wouldn't matter. And they did close ups on their faces to display how realistic they were...but it looks plasticky. Just watch Fragile eating the bug in the beginning of Death stranding. Looks exactly like the actress.

Good-Smurf159d ago

Still a big leap over UE4 the engines has never been very good at face animations.
Now if one of the Sony studio like ND got to use UE5...

esherwood158d ago

What destructability? Are you able to destroy buildings? I was just walking around didn’t seem like it let you do anything

Gamer79158d ago

You probably couldn't even tell the difference in some scenes. Neo waking up in front of the monitor, all real time. And most of the scene with morphious was real time.

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ElvisHuxley159d ago

It's impressive, but still very much just a tech demo. Unless you're referring to the on-rails shooting? Or the walking?

frostypants158d ago (Edited 158d ago )

Nobody said it wasn't a tech demo. The fact that you can only walk/fly around doesn't take away from the graphical aspect at all. What exactly are you on about?

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