Here's What You Can Buy In 'Home' So Far, For A Total Of 26 Dollars

Patrick Klepek from MTV Multiplayer writes:

"Like many other PlayStation 3 owners, I finally made it into "Home" this morning.

Home may only be in open beta, but that isn't stopping Sony from charging users who want to start fitting their virtual apartment and character with more goodies.

We had been told it wouldn't be that expensive.

There are only a few handful of items available right now. If you were to purchase everything that Sony has made available, it'd only cost you $26.12, with the most expensive item being a $4.99 summer home. Most items are $0.49, however. Will it stay that way?"

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khellendros13601d ago

HA!! Its' a good thing I went into the beta the night before they opened it to everyone. I was able to get all those items for free.

TheTimeDoctor3601d ago

seriously, i love my free summer home.

INehalemEXI3600d ago

same here, but my club house is gone :(

BigPappaPump3600d ago

You're not the only one brother. I snatched up everything before beta became open. I looooove my free summer home.

JsonHenry3600d ago

I try so hard to like Avatars, Miis, and HOME... but to me they are all boring as fack on toast sitting in an English lecture class..

Rhythmattic3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

I spent hours on My Clubhouse (closed BETA) , and with the Advent of the Open Beta release, Unfortunately , it reset back to an empty space.

This is whats going to happen when Home goes out of Beta. It'll all reset I'm guessing.
In the end , for those of us that still want the Summer House, will end up purchasing it.

TheUsedVersion3600d ago

Wow so I wasn't the only last-minute shopper in Home the other day. Now that I think about it I do remember an awful lot of ppl running around the Mall franticly.

I just wish that I had taken the time to grab some overseas clothing before they shut down regional traveling.

Rob0g0rilla3600d ago

I'll probably never use any of the items but I had no idea they were charging for all that.

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Sevir043600d ago

The only thing i payed for was the club house and thats because they require you to buy the entitlements to the club house.

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ShinnokDrako3600d ago

Urgh... first thing i did once the beta got updated (before the open beta) was to get all the free things. Glad i did =O

Rice3600d ago

BAHAHAHA... i got all those things for good.

ThatCanadianGuy3600d ago

I wish we could buy some of those arcade machines in the bowling alley.anyways,back to Home !

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The story is too old to be commented.