Here’s the Complete The Game Awards 2021 Winners List

Here are the complete list of winners for The Game Awards 2021, ranging from big awards like Game of The Year and more!

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Rimeskeem414d ago

Ratchet and Clank got shafted

Omegasyde414d ago

Completely agree. Action and Adventure should of went to it.

DEKUX12413d ago

Nah Metroid was better to me. Played both doubt you did.

Army_of_Darkness413d ago

Best art and game direction should have went to ratchet and clank instead of deathloop... Very disappointing...

413d ago
DEKUX12413d ago

Yeah but Metroid. Was a better game though I Dono how clack got no rewards as it was a great game. Always has been same with jack and baxster waiting for that game to rise from the dead

LordoftheCritics413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

Havent had the chance to play it yet, but I have been seeing all outlets saying Dread was spectacular and even Goty worthy but again same outlets say It Takes Two is a masterpiece.

After reviewing the winners, I think they might have got it right. Have yet to try Dread tho.

darkrider413d ago

Dude metroid could be done without any problems and barely an inconvenience on the Neo Geo from 30 years ago. Doesn't bring nothing new to table. Nintendo is been doing this for ages.

4Sh0w413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

For once I actually agree with darkrider....*somewhat, Dread is great don't get me wrong Nintendo makes some great games but they rarely ever push any new boundaries or in other words they play it safe in just about every area of new tech, gameplay & modes, they do try new things in regards to hardware tho' but nothing as far as pushing new tech advances.

SurgicalMenace413d ago

After playing both Metroid and Ratchet, I'd say that Ratchet did a more convincing job of introducing the next level of gaming. Metroid was decent but it didn't do a good job at showing what we waited so long to see.

Ratchets world's were so breathtaking you wanted to see the next one and wanted the game to be longer. Though the formula was pretty much the same it was its presentation that made it stand out.

Metroid wasn't much different than its 3DS versions. Now once Prime 4 comes out, I'm more than sure that Metroid will have more stand out moments.

413d ago
RaiderNation413d ago

Agreed. It was just another obligatory token Nintendo award.

Magog413d ago

Guaridans of the Galaxy wins for narrative? These awards are a joke. Glad Kena got some recognition though.

LordoftheCritics413d ago (Edited 413d ago )

Gotg has a good narrative and its telling execution is excellent but I would probably give it to Life is Strange:True Colours.

Its a tough one. Gotg actually was very well done narratively and did a fantastic job in recreating the characters and their timing etc.

Magog413d ago

Marvel is the low point of human storytelling in our 1 million year history.

SurgicalMenace413d ago


Low point? I guess your OPINION is absolute, huh? Lonely much? Marvel was built from the bottom up so what have you built as an example of your mastery of storytelling? What do we have to measure your prowess?

Yui_Suzumiya413d ago

I would've given it to True Colors also


I'm happy both True Colors (Games for Impact) and GOTG (Best Narrative) got awards. Square Enix needs to understand that single player games should be their primary focus going forward.

--Onilink--413d ago

Given how he is reacting, I’d say its pretty clear he hasnt even played the game and yet somehow is complaining about the narrative

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CrimsonWing69413d ago

Dude, that was honestly one of the best narratives in a while. Like the amount of heart and character arcs that happens. So much unique and fun dialogue that just expanded on the GotG lore. Honestly, what game this year tops the narrative in your opinion?

This is all coming from someone who slammed the sh*t out Guardians when it was first shown. Ended up being my favorite game of this year.


GOTG winning for best narrative was well'd know that if you played it.

-Foxtrot413d ago

Jason E. Kelley should have won best performance as Colt, either him or Ozioma Akagha as Julianna, they had some grat banter between each other in the game.

--Onilink--413d ago

I agree, overall I found it odd that she would win considering Lady Dimitrescu is barely in the game and when she does show up its not a super in depth character

-Foxtrot413d ago

"s barely in the game and when she does show up its not a super in depth character"


I thought this when she won the Golden Joystick award, she's an overrated character who basically won because of the memes and the "big tall sexy vampire woman" internet chatter.

Least the others in the running were pretty much main characters.

CrimsonWing69413d ago

I just can’t believe It Takes Two won the best game of this year. I’m sure it was fun but the best this year has to offer? Not by a long shot.


GOTG was my GOTY, so I didn't have a dog in the fight. But I knew It Takes Two would get it simply so Josef could talk his ish again 😂

Vanfernal413d ago

Not by a long shot?

Look at the user reviews online.
PS4 9.0
PS5 9.2
PC 8.9
Steam 96% (overwhelming positive) based on 50,000+ reviews.

People loved the game. It was a well deserved win.

LordoftheCritics413d ago

Just play it.

Its ridiculous how good it is. It has more suprises and mechanics than multiple AAA games combined.

No idea how they pulled it off.

Yui_Suzumiya413d ago

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus is pure effing genius and not like anything I've played in 32 years of gaming and it got no nominations. How you think I feel? Lol

-Foxtrot413d ago

Well I mean it's been a shitty year to be honest, I personally would have picked Returnal but it wasn't even nominated.

Like I've enjoyed other games but nothing where I've gone "yeah I can see that winning"

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Relientk77413d ago

Congrats to Josef Fares. He's a really cool guy, so it's nice that he got his moment in the spotlight with It Takes Two winning GOTY.

I'm glad Kena: Bridge of Spirits won Best Indie and Best Indie Debut game.

Ratchet & Clank was nominated for so much and was shafted every category.

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