Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Gameplay Trailer Debuts at TGA 2021

Rocksteady has debuted the Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League gameplay trailer during The Game Awards 2021, showing off insane combat.

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Jin_Sakai167d ago

Looks amazing and gameplay looks fun. Rocksteady always impress.

solideagle167d ago

I don't understand the gameplay, do you play with each character in their own story or you can switch between them? looks like Avengers but I am hopeful this would be great game

deadfrag166d ago

Its a multiplayer game!!No Single player campain!

RaidenBlack167d ago

Dayuum this looks pretty good ...
Rocksteady ✌🏻

PhillyDillyDee167d ago

Uh. Wow. I assumed this would meet the bar of the arkham games but this looks like it will set a whole new one. Tempering my excitement until i play it because i dont like hyping games that arent out but… wow.

XxSPIDEYxX167d ago

Getting Avengers vibes from this, hopefully only much better. I have faith in Rocksteady.

nmbr1esq167d ago

Just okay, for me. Game play looks okay, but can't stand the constant character quips. That will get extremely annoying fast. Best thing to redeem this would be quick on-the-fly character changes...not sure if that's even in the works or not.

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The story is too old to be commented.