Silent Hill Creator announces Slitterhead

Bokeh, the new studio from Silent Hill creator Keiichiro Toyama, has revealed its first game, entitled Slitterhead.

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2moda5gamer157d ago

Silent Hill was great but the Siren series really pushed beyond - massively looking forward to this one.

Orchard157d ago

The announce for this was frustrating, given that Del Toro hinted 'maybe we'll get another Silent Hill' and then they introduced this developer with 'a developer from Japan who is a friend of Geoff' and then a 'history of Silent Hill' type statement... I was really hyped for Silent Hill + Kojima + Del Toro coming back.

porkChop157d ago (Edited 157d ago )

Silent Hill with Kojima wasn't going to happen. That idea died with P.T. Kojima and Konami parted ways for a reason, they aren't going to work together again. Kojima has talked about wanting to do a horror game at some point, but it'll be a new IP.

One thing I do find hilarious though. Remember Abandoned? No one seems to. The "realtime" app never got updated with anything more than the video that was already posted on Twitter. I have a feeling we'll never hear about it again.

MrBaskerville157d ago

Actually, they recently announced that there will be a playable prolouge by february. I have my doubts, but perhaps.

porkChop157d ago

Yeah just like they hyped up the realtime trailer app. It amounted to nothing. The dev has a track record of announcing games and either cancelling them or just never mentioning them again. I'm not gonna hold my breath.

MrBaskerville156d ago

I think we'll see something at some point, some horror game, perhaps with a bit of jank, but hopefully worth a look. Would expect delay, so assume we'll see a trailer, while the prolouge probably vanishes.

Bobertt156d ago (Edited 156d ago )

Kojima said he will be in person at the next Game Awards for sure in his segment then right after Del Toro made that comment in his segment. They might troll like that on twitter but not at the Game Awards. Kojima is hinting that he will have something to show at the 2022 show. Games are delayed all over and 2022 is full of delayed games from 2021 so it's likely that Silent Hills from Kojima will be for 2023 and they announce it next year.

RaidenBlack157d ago

I was eagerly waiting for the announcement of Bokeh's first game.
And I was anticipating a more creepier super natural silent hill.
But this kinda put me off ... looks weird.
Just IMHO.

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The story is too old to be commented.