Final Fantasy 7 Remake PC Version Out This Dec. 16, Exclusive to Epic Games Store

Square Enix announced the Final Fantasy 7 Remake PC version which is set for release this December 16, and is being published by Epic Games.

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gamingtext2020165d ago

That’s a bummer. Epic must really be a thorn in Steam’s digital buttocks.

lelo2play165d ago

Final Fantasy 7 Remake 80€ on Epic.
Forspoken 80€ on Steam.

Square must be out of their minds.

Eamon165d ago

Yeh, 80 euros for a game that's nearly 2 years old is insane.

Sashamaz165d ago

@Eamon Depends on perspective, on PC it's a new game.

Lionsguard165d ago

@Eamon Nintendo fans: First time?

Snakeeater25164d ago

Stop wining and buy a ps5 if it’s to expensive. FF7R is 20$

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Terry_B165d ago

*timed exclusive..I guess.

IanTH165d ago

I'd imagine yes, given the popularity of the brand. But they've definitely got a decent deal in place with Square, as things like Kingdom Hearts HD came out on PC on Epic back in March and still hasn't made its way to Steam.

BrockEmSockEm164d ago

unfortunately THPS 1+2 still hasn't come to Steam and that released September 4th, 2020 :(

Knightofelemia165d ago

I wonder how much Epic shelled out for this deal?

VersusDMC165d ago

There's that and Epic takes a 12% as opposed to Steams 30%.

Snookies12165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Yes, but far more people use Steam. Which means those numbers become, as GhostTurtle stated, "irrelevant." You'll still make a lot more money off Steam even with them taking a bigger chunk, because of its enormous install-base.

SDuck164d ago

@Snookies12 not really. Those who will wait for the Steam launch, will buy it on Steam regardless but those who can't wait and buy it on Epic will be contributing into 18% more revenue being directed to SE.

Eamon165d ago

Also, the game uses UE4. So S-E is already getting a bigger discount than a normal game.

RaidenBlack165d ago

Finally about time ... but EGS.

bacano165d ago (Edited 165d ago )

Ooh man, I've waited so much for this, It doesn't matter if it's EGS, actually a good thing is that I won't be caring about achievements then

Sephiroushin165d ago

It may have achivements, also it may be 70$ since its €80 on some parts of EU and they started pricing 70$ on steam with forspoken...

I am not supporting epic bs or se bullshit; I played it though was waiting to get it to play Yuffie dlc, oh well that would be in 2 years...

bacano165d ago

Yeah, probably it will have achievements, but I don't care about 'em when I play out of Steam (on PC). I'm not a fan of Epic either, but I'm a big fan of Final Fantasy. Couldn't buy a PS4 when the remake was released, so I decided to wait for it to come to PC. I'm very happy right now

slowgamer165d ago

Oh crikey! Just checked Forspoken is indeed 80 € in here on steam so the epic stores "starting at 79,99 isn't a mistake as I was wondering about it. Damn! Others will follow. But man, that's a lot.

jeromeface164d ago

No point in making any purchases until the project is done. I for one don't like waiting for content to drip.. I have the patience to just wait for it to be finished. Its far cheaper that way too. If the fools don't put it on steam I guess ill have to settle for ps5... I refuse to support tencent EGS.

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