Forza Horizon 5 Deserves Game Of The Year Consideration At The Game Awards

It's been a banner year for games, but there's one curious omission from GOTY contention

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jznrpg420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

I haven’t played it but I agree it should have had a chance at least . Returnal should have had a chance too. Oh well the awards show is cringe and the reveals were ok but I have little interest in Geoff and the show . He overhyped and didn’t deliver again . It wasn’t totally horrible but I won’t watch next year I’ll just look at the “highlights” or lack of after the show . Comment above me disappeared . Strange

Xb1ps4420d ago

A lot of gamers are such a finicky bunch.

dbcoops420d ago (Edited 420d ago )

No it doesn't. It deserves a "best racing game" nomination which it received and won. And before the xbox horde descends upon me as usual I would say the exact same thing about Gran Turismo no matter how amazing it turned out to be.

Tacoboto420d ago

Why can a racing game not be GotY material?

That's like saying a game impossible to play single player shouldn't be GotY, and... well...


Because is a racing game and it won't never happen

dbcoops420d ago

A key component to overall GOTY is a great story and character interaction, tell me whats the great story and character interaction in Forza Horizon? Can a co-op only game possess those two key attributes?..........well.. Racing games aren't going to win GOTY and people need to stop moaning about it already.

Tacoboto419d ago

The winner of Best Narrative didn't even get a GotY nomination.

Literally the best story. No GotY nod. Metroid Dread did, and Samus' only dialogue was a very long scream. RE8, while my favorite RE, had an absolutely absurd story and Ethan had no depth as a character. Neither of those two received nominations in Direction or Narrative. So their story and character interactions weren't good enough for a Narrative award, but they're good enough for GotY. So consistent

Racing games get the short end of the stick and it *shouldnt* be that way. It's *Game* of the year, not story of the year which is already its own award. FH5 won every category it was in

Ezio2048420d ago

It won 3 awards which is the highest tally tied with It Takes Two

Deathdeliverer420d ago

Man I’m telling you right now. I love Horizon on my series X. I finessed cars I should not have from the market for super cheap in week one.
On NO planet should it have gotten best sound design over Returnal NOR ratchet. How does ANY racing game get best sound design period? How much better can a engine sound? It really is pointless, but I’m going to tell you. It’s like VR. It’s easy to discount if you haven’t experienced it. Once you’ve used it, it’s eye opening. Returnal is the best game I have ever heard. PC, Xbox, PlayStation, whatever you want. Simple white and black 3D audio headset and returnal. Set up your tempest audios settings in the options so it goes with your ear.
ONLY excuse is Returnal is so hard that people didn’t hear half of what I did. (I beat it in just a few deaths). Even then though, first biome, first level. Pause the freaking game. The rain on the suit. The sound of the world. The music. Man that game got raped. At least it got ONE. Ratchet though? Now that’s rape.

SCW1982420d ago

4th biome organ music getting louder. An experience I will remember my whole life. One of the coolest boss fights ever.

Deathdeliverer419d ago

That fight…. Climbing the tower. Hearing the music get louder. The whole time I was thinking it’s cool that they are building up to something big with the background music. When I came to see Hyperion was playing the music I stood at the opening and started recording. I will have that fight saved forever. Him dashing back to the organ mid fight. My god.

AmUnRa420d ago

Yeah i did not believe my ears when FH5 won the best sound award. That was so wrong...infact i think it was bullshit...

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