PS3 Controller May Jolt Immersion

Force feedback company Immersion has updated Next-Gen.Biz on the status of its litigation with Sony, stating that if the PS3 controller doesn't use Immersion's patented rumble tech, revenues may be affected.

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kingboy6196d ago

lol ever since they lost their number one capital supplier(sony)they`r all over the net trying to get them back.

sonyISgod6196d ago

Emmersion is crying and beging Sony to take there rumbles. LOL

PS360PCROCKS6196d ago (Edited 6196d ago )

yeah ok sony isgod their begging them

96impala6196d ago (Edited 6196d ago )

The Xbox 360 controller could be heading for an upgrade with new bells and whistles after Immersion Technologies showed off its new rumble feature.

Microsoft are a major shareholder in Immersion after a very public law suit that saw both Microsoft and Sony facing big problems after infringing on the technology patented by Immersion; force feedback.

This forced Microsoft into buying a large chunk in Immersion shares and whilst it would have pained Microsoft to do it, they may soon be reaping the rewards of this new rumble feature.

Showcased to the press recently, Immersion showed off a modified Xbox controller and Jedi Knight II, which as we all know has Lightsabres; perfect for rumble. The new rumble pack was able to highlight subtle differences between Lightsabre swings and more importantly, uses one motor instead of two which will drastically increase battery life.

Whilst little is known about how much of an improvement it has on older rumbles, it was said to be well received and with Microsoft putting a lot of money into the company, we could see this being added to the 360 sometime soon.

OutpostCommand6195d ago (Edited 6195d ago )

While there is a hint of satire somewhere, I must say that im fully disgusted by Microsoft.
Whenever they get into trouble, they dont face the music, but they buy some/all of the company kicking up the fuss.
While at first glance this seems actually funny, I think this is very dirty play.

FeralPhoenix6195d ago

Why hate M$ for using smart business practices, obviously the rumble feature was important to them so they invested in the company quickly rather than fighting them in court or paying them a percentage for every controller, Immersion had the choice of keeping its shares or selling them, they obviously got a good deal so they chose to sell....thats smart business, perfectly honest and accusing M$ of something shady or dirty is simple fanboy bull$h!t.