The Game Awards: What will be announced today?

VGC : Here's our list of everything that we know will feature during tonight's show so far.

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DJStotty540d ago

Looks like there is due to be lots of game announcements, bit of a bummer it airs at 1am in the UK. #matchsticksneeded

VenomUK540d ago

@Nyxus, I guess I've got it slightly less bad than you, for me it's 1am! I'm not sure I can hack the late ones anymore especially as this might go on for THREE hours! But I might try and catch the start.

SenorFartCushion540d ago

Would rather make love to a post box than stay up to that time to see the golden globes of video games 😂

dbcoops540d ago

Ok well that was more information than any of us needed to know but you have fun with that.

Nacho_Z539d ago

I wonder how you'd bridge the gap between sex and making love when it's a post box.

SenorFartCushion539d ago


1st class service EVERY TIME

Nyxus540d ago

Hopefully it will be better than that, because there isn't really anything for me in that list...

DJStotty540d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing the following :-

Halo TV series
Destiny 2 - the witch queen
Homeworld 3
Lost Ark
The matrix awakens UE5 showing
Saint's row
New PC GP announcements

and some of the surprise showings (these are just the announced ones) so plenty for me.

Nyxus540d ago

Yeah I can see why people are looking forward to these things, it just isn't my taste. It would like to see stuff like FF7 Remake Part II, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 or something Metal Gear.

SenorFartCushion540d ago (Edited 540d ago )

New Matrix game, possibly a teaser for a complete game coming next year maybe?

New Gears of War trailer

I’d like a new PS exclusive - anything but tlou 2 online mp

Terry_B540d ago

Mortal Kombat XII, New Namco Game, Metal gear Solid.

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