STALKER 2 Gets 5 Gorgeous New Screens & Info on Survival Elements, Longevity, New Factions, Enemies

GSC Game World shared five gorgeous new screens of STALKER 2. A new report also revealed new info on survival, longevity, factions and foes.

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Magog159d ago

Can't wait to play this with the Dualsense controller on PS5.

G1L159d ago

Oh yes! And after 3 months should have been properly patched too 👍🏼

Magog159d ago

It's a sad state of affairs that day one buyers often act as extended beta testers. Hopefully this one launches with no major issues.

alb1899159d ago

I'll do it on Gamepass and my SX.

medman159d ago

Me as well...fortunate to have a series x and ps5, but gamepass makes it a no brainer for series x. It's a game I would pay for anyway, but glad I don't have to.

Atom666159d ago

Don't you mean you "can wait"?

Not sure what to tell you....You can use your DS on PC, I guess?

dbcoops159d ago (Edited 159d ago )

Lol at the down votes, how dare you look forward to doing something.

"Leaked documents have revealed that Stalker 2 has an exclusivity period of just three months on Xbox formats"

Oh no how ever will you handle the wait? People wait much much longer for PS games to come to PC.

Darkborn159d ago

No, the pc players and Xbox fans said they'll wait 4-5 years for the playstation games going to PC and it's fine, but 3 months is too long for Xbox timed exclusives going to ps4/5. They want us to know were peasants fot waiting 3 months. That said, I'm either gonna pick this up on pc or ps5.

Jericho1337159d ago

Can’t wait to play it for free on gamepass…

Magog159d ago

I prefer to support the devs with a paid purchase. 👍

jhjfss158d ago

ya because the devs are totally not getting compensated for it on gamepass and putting it for free.🙄

Jericho1337158d ago

You prefer to get mugged off paying full price you mean. The fact that your willing makes you even more of a mug 😂

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lonewolf10159d ago

Can't wait to play this game, one of my if not my absolute favorite game series. Will Play on GP first and if as good as hoped will buy on Steam (although the Ultimate edition appears pricey) to go with the other titles.

Atom666159d ago

It's been a long 10 years, but I'm so happy it's getting the love it deserves.

DJStotty159d ago

"It's also going to be the first proper Unreal Engine 5 game"

I'm so ready.

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isarai159d ago

Man!, they are still top tier when it comes to atmosphere. Was one of my biggest draws to the series back on PC

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