Sony Technology Day - Realize breathtaking immersiveness

Three technologies installed in the PlayStation®5 were introduced: Tempest 3D audio, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Tempest 3D audio is designed with DSP (Digital Single Processor) to achieve extremely accurate audio positioning, so that the sound can be heard from anywhere 360 degrees around the listener, as if inside a sphere with countless speakers.

Haptic feedback realizes a variety of tactile responses by changing the vibration of the newly developed dual actuator according to the situation in the game, providing an immersive experience. In addition, the adaptive triggers adopted to the L2/R2 buttons of the DualSense™ wireless controller enable powerful real-time tactile sensation in response to in-game actions with a small precision gear and built-in high-torque motor.

Sony Interactive Entertainment will continue to develop these technologies with the aim of providing “The Best Place to Play to everyone”.

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darkrider159d ago

Very nice returnal is one of the best examples for sound and dualsense experience

jznrpg159d ago

Agreed , the sound is great in Returnal and so Is the trigger use and rain drops on the controller as just some examples . Most importantly Returnal is a good game but the features add on to it .

SullysCigar159d ago

Don't talk to me about immersiveness, Sony, SHOW ME with a full PSVR2 reveal!

Profchaos159d ago

Are we ever going to get some solid psvr2 info

Charlieboy333157d ago

Why, are you actually chomping at the bit to buy it? I know I am but then again I did buy PSVR version 1.... did you?

Profchaos157d ago

I am and yes I brought two of them the first gen version and second so I could get HDR.

I'm hoping for some news on backward compatibility to do I know if need both headsets hooked up or not

Charlieboy333156d ago

Cool, no problem then bud. Just sounded like one of those people that aren't happy no matter what. Don't doubt they will show when they are ready...and it will be mind blowing.

iraqmilner159d ago

Is anyone expecting “breathtaking immersiveness” to be a bit of an embellishment?

DarthMarvin158d ago

No, it's actually pretty incredible.