Fortnite is the first game to switch to Unreal Engine 5

New season of Fortnite has also started with a surprise, before 2021 ends. It uses Unreal Engine 5 as presentation card, before other announced games.

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Tedakin357d ago

The new season's graphics are noticeably improved on the new map.

iraqmilner357d ago

Agreed! I'm impressed with the visual fidelity of Fortnite. It sure is one polished title!

Eonjay356d ago

Can anyone verify if this is exclusive to current gen or also available of Xbox One and PS4?

TimmyTesticles357d ago

Waste of the technology, using it for such a cartoony game.

Can't wait to see it used as intended someday.

thesoftware730357d ago

So Epic builds a great engine, uses it on their biggest game and somehow it's a waste of the tech?

So much nonsense in. your comment it's a shame

Inverno357d ago

I think the meme of hating on Fortnite was lost in translation and now people hate it for reals. Plus cartoony games are perfect for engine showcases. We've been pushing for Pixar and we're finally there

greenmist356d ago (Edited 356d ago )

Fortnite is trash.And so are its diehard fans.

Dirtnapstor356d ago

I'm pretty much over Fortnite... wish the had expanded with Save the World. That was worth the time invested until they stopped curating it.
That said, you cannot deny that Fortnite is impressive for what it is. Epic has done a good job working this title.

Sitdown357d ago

Well, this take is about what should be expected from testicles.

iplay1up2357d ago (Edited 357d ago )

The Matrix Awakens new "Unreal Engine 5 Experience" releases in just over an hour for PS5 and Series X. No PC release though, which I think is strange. It says it will showcase the power of the new hardware, along with Unreal Engine 5.

thejigisup357d ago

Odd, im on ps5 and it says 11 hours and 34 minutes

franwex356d ago

Well Epic needs a game to demonstrate it in real life. Why not their most famous one to show investors and developers? It shows that they stand behind it.

Why does this need to be explained anyway?

Mr_cheese356d ago

Think little timmy is stuck in the well again

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SDuck357d ago

It's Epic's flagship game, it should be the first one to get that upgrade

Magog357d ago

It's just an extension and improvement on UE4. I doubt Fortnite is using all the new features.

SDuck356d ago

Even so, it now has access to them

franwex356d ago

Just how UE4 was from UE3.