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COG writes: Halo Infinite has been six years in the making. It is incredibly fun, but it is also not without issues. Hopefully, they will be fixed soon.

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LordoftheCritics39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

Just finished the first mission and into the second.

The shooting is so much fun. The grapple hook is fantastic. I didnt realise how wild I get now. The map is mine now.
Other games have had grappling hooks such as Just Cause or Arkham but those were not as dynamic or as in combat intuitive as this.

I had to let go of how I played most shooters.

They did good. Most fun shootouts in a Halo game I have ever played. Lets see how the large areas play out.

GoodGuy0939d ago

Bout 2 hrs in and really liking it. However pc optimizations arent great. It being dx12 without exclusive fulscreen doesnt work with gsync so stutters and tears are all over the place. Framerates could be better considering the visuals arent too out there. Loving the gameplay and open world though. 343s done a good job.

CaptainHenry91639d ago (Edited 39d ago )

At first I thought it was my PC but you just confirmed fir me that the dx12 without exclusive full screen doesn't work with G-sync. Are you playing it in 60fps or 120fps? Do you have Vsync turned on?

GamerX2339d ago

I will have to look closer next time I play I did not notice that. My rig is a 5900x,3090, 64 gigs of ram running it on a gen 4 ssd.

CaptainHenry91639d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I finished the third mission. So far the game is good but not great or innovative unless you think the grappling hook is innovative. If you're a die hard Halo fan you will love it. So far I give the game a 8. Enemy AI is questionable but I am playing it on normal mode. The PC optimization sucks for this game. Needs a patch or update

gamer780439d ago

As long as the story is engaging and the gameplay is good. Not everything Is better off innovating. It’s biggest flaw is missing features like coop.

LordoftheCritics39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

I love my UNSC AI, they aim really well if you use any of the warthogs, and even the mongoose. You can clear out camps just driving around properly. The rocket warthog is pretty good as well. And then you can park, get out, get into the turret yourself. Works great.

Also they will somehow find you and get into your vehicle, like literally jump off cliffs to get to you. Its like co-op without ppl. And the banter is funny af. Especially the grunts. I wont spoil anything.

Though this game screams co-op. Legendary mode with co-op would be really something.

I am thoroughly enjoying it. I am on pc so with m/kb the grapple hook is just insane.You barely need to shoot at times, grab stuff throw>relocate>grab more stuff throw>grapple to enemy>slam>and then 1 bulldog shot>grapple away>grenades> etc etc. It never ends. I am playing titanfall here haha. You couldnt even approach it in this manner in Titanfall either. This is a whole other level. I am literally a ninja now. Upgrade it till you get the cooldown and the aoe/slam/stun effect. Its so good.

Btw dont foget to grapple straight to driver seat or even to turret seat. Just found out a while ago.

ECHOINFINITY39d ago (Edited 39d ago )

So far it's ok. Quality isn't what I expected technically from Microsoft's biggest gun but I'm crazy impressed that I can actually stream this game with no latency.

Stonilein39d ago

I wonder what the score would be if the multiplayer wasnt free to play hmmm