Masahiro Sakurai on the future of Smash: ‘I’ve been doing too much of the work myself’

The series creator on his newfound free time and where the franchise goes from here.

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JRPGsAreTheBest41d ago

This guy is a legend. If the past games had too much of his personality to it, wow I really wonder if Nintendo would be able to do as good of a job on smash without Sakurai. Wish him a nice long rest!

PhillyDillyDee40d ago

Nintendo could take ultimate and add a character every year indefinitely and it would work out just fine for everyone. Sakurai can consult. It would be less work for him and still give fans something to look forward too.

Or we can all just let it die and be happy we were here for the ride. I dont see any other way this series can continue other than re-releases on newer generation hardware.

“Smash clones” will have to do the heavy lifting moving forward. Also mods, but that is a bit trickier given how active Nintendo keeps its lawyers.

Magog40d ago

This guy loves to toot his own horn and throw his team under the bus. How about showing some respect to your co-workers who actually built the game you constantly take sole credit for? Jeez.

Shinox40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

i know right , it pisses me off when this guy gets all the credits all the time with absolute small effort role
Nintendo fanboys needs to stop mindlessly boosting this guy ego and support the devs instead , anyone can do it

Neonridr40d ago

he's the lead person on the project. All decisions go through him. Small effort role.. LMAO

pietro121240d ago

Oh man, you guys sound clueless on how important his role actually is.