Introducing The Contract, a New GTA Online Story Featuring Franklin Clinton and Friends

In the years since he and his accomplices knocked over the Union Depository, renowned Los Santos hustler Franklin Clinton has been making moves of his own.

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WackoDaSniper49d ago

Actually hyped for this since the last update (Tuners) disappointed big time. Hope to see some good missions with Franklin, new music added, and some more property to acquire. About time they bring good characters into Online.

Golfcoachh49d ago

I got turned off of the online when people just
Come and jack your car or shoot you randomly for no reason.

NotanotherReboot49d ago

bruh thats literally the point of GTA

Suave_Langosta46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

That doesn’t take away that online is a shit fest of assholes and trolls. I get what gta stands for and yeah that’s all good and fun, but when you’re forced to grind and then be at the mercy of others, it just strips the game of any fun.

I’ve been enjoying gta on my pc with mods and since then I’ve never wanted to go back to vanilla online, just sucks because it had potential but for me it lost its appeal years ago.

They should do a anarchy lobby setting for shits and giggles and a less chaotic lobby for people who don’t want to be forced to play a way they don’t want to.

ocelot0749d ago

What? People committing GTA in a GTA game???? Say it ain't so lol.

Outlawzz49d ago

Lol people don't understand wt GTA stands for and it shows

JackBNimble49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

No can actually jack your car unless you have it in settings that anyone can drive your personal car.

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Suave_Langosta49d ago

Oh another online grind fest to end up with the same stuff as the rest of your lobbies. I’ll pass, wake me up when we get a proper story dlc or the next installment of the series.

Bigman4k49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I'm here to tell that'll never happen sadly as for GTA6 that'll be in 2024 maybe who knows

Suave_Langosta46d ago

I mean I’d rather them take their time and find a good footing honestly after the shake up within the company since V released. I just don’t think we’ll get the same level of single player story oriented meat and potatoes like we have before. I get rdr2 was good and fun but, idk I’ve lost love for the company here the past couple years. I could be talking out my ass and we get the best gta to date, but I again won’t hold my breath.

Bobertt42d ago

They already said they will tone down some of the jokes in GTA6 because of PC culture. It's not going to be better than GTA5. I have accepted the series is dead and just moved onto other games.

Bigman4k49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

Smh i get online makes R* money but releasing single player dlc would make money too you could do both

porkChop49d ago

I don't understand. GTA Online takes place 6 months before the events of the main story. So how are we getting missions that take place years later? Why establish a specific time period then?

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