PlayStation Store: November 2021’s top downloads

Call of Duty: Vanguard tops the PS5 and PS4 charts.

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Deathdeliverer49d ago

Sheesh a lot of mfs fell for the GTA trap. And jump force is still selling? That games gotta be about $20 by now. I was sure it would have been dead. Guess I’ll give it a shot too. Sad that Tales of Arise isn’t on there. Really is a great RPG with excellent voice acting, graphics, music, and combat that evolves rapidly and regularly with new moves and new strategies for said moves.

Snakeeater2549d ago

Jrpg don’t sell well these days, it’s seems like they all switch for souls like type of games

Nyxus49d ago

Tales of Arise was the fastest selling game in the series:

CantThinkOfAUsername49d ago

Jump Force is selling high because they're shutting the game down August next year.

EvertonFC49d ago

Nobody is taking about it but "lost in random" from zoink games is great

Snakeeater2549d ago

Wow a lot of gamers made a really bad choice with buying gta that’s insane even will the terrible review. I guess some gamers love to play broken and terrible game. I would have hope guardians of the galaxy would have score higher

Magog49d ago

The mass market always disappoints with their buying decisions. Luckily game creators at Playstation Worldwide Studios are still largely fueled by creativity instead of chasing trends and easy money.

CantThinkOfAUsername49d ago

Call of Duty Vanguard, Battlefield 2042, GTA The Trilogy, Fortnite and eFootball (of all games...). How dull.