Horizon Zero Dawn PC Patch 1.11 Adds NVIDIA DLSS, AMD FSR Support and Performance Improvements

Guerilla : Update 1.11 for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC has just been released! With this update, we've added Nvidia’s DLSS upscaling technology, and AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution, replacing FidelityFX CAS, as well as various fixes.

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tronyx12466d ago

This is great! Wonderfull to see Sony really supporting those ports. Microsoft is on PC almost always Day-One, and not a single game supports DLSS, a great feature for those who can enable it.

slowgamer465d ago

Yeah, would be nice that microsoft games too having dlss and not just going amd route only. Especially when saying that Halo PC version is made for it and not just simply ported.
Zero dawn though it is a bit too late for me. I don't think I will install it again after playing it 100 hours, especially as it takes over 70 GB.
I'm glad that God of war will have dlss also.