The Game Awards 2021: Our Dream Announcements (Last of Us Factions, Metal Gear Solid remake)

From Metal Gear Solid remakes to The Last of Us Factions, The Game Awards could be full of surprises if these dream announcements appear.

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sourOG815d ago

I just want to see the new bioshock.

MIDGETonSTILTS17815d ago

I don’t. I’m apprehensive about milking that franchise.

-Foxtrot815d ago

How has it been milked? We’ve had 3 games since 2007

That’s 14 years and by the time it comes out it will have been at least 16

LordoftheCritics815d ago (Edited 815d ago )

Yea no Ken Levine is a bummer.

Though I would like to see his new game revealed.

sourOG815d ago (Edited 815d ago )

I’d have to agree with foxtrot on this one, I don’t think “milk” is the word you were looking for lol.

No Levine is a bummer but I heard 2k is producing his new game so I’m sure he’s advising where he can. I also choose to believe they wouldn’t bring it back unless they had good ideas. We’ll see.

If they ruin the series with modern garbage politics I will be more upset then anyone. As of now I think they are capable of putting out a competent bioshock.

MrNinosan815d ago

I just want alot of Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy.
The rumoured Chrono Cross would be nice aswell.

Darkborn815d ago

I think there's a real chance the last of us factions will show up. The show comes out in February and this is the game awards that every gamer can watch. It's good advertising for their show and for all gamers to see the crazy good gameplay. If it's just the last of us 2 gameplay in even just team death matches, I'm in. That combat was still the best I've ever seen or experienced and the random gameplay clips I've seen of other gamers is crazy too. So many things I didnt even think were part of it are also there.

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MIDGETonSTILTS17815d ago

LoU MP and a MGS remake would be a dream for me…. I’d get a stealth SP and MP game to look forward to 🤤

Gaming4Life1981815d ago

A metal gear solid remake would be amazing, I beat that game like 6 times back on ps1.

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