TV 3D Audio | PS5

Tempest 3D AudioTech is accessible directly from your built-in TV speakers when you’re playing games and watching videos on your PS5 console.

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BrainSyphoned49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

*not available in ps+ titles
No they probably didn't say that but I'm just getting ahead of the curve.

porkChop49d ago

Bro, I thought you were serious at first lmfao.

Snakeeater2549d ago

And not supported on psnow haha

Jin_Sakai49d ago

Does this work with sound bars?

porkChop49d ago

In the comments on the page people are saying it does work but it sounds terrible. You have to set the audio to TV rather than soundbar, and it sounds muffled from what they've said. Support for soundbars is probably coming down the line.

UltraNova49d ago

I can attest to that. I have a pretty good Sony soundbar and it does sound awful. Switchng to TV audio I can definitely hear the 3D effects (albeit weak) but the overall soundscape and audio clarity is better than listening through the Soundbar (which is leaps and bounds better than the TV speakers, ironically).

Hopefully Sony will be addressing this sooner rather than later.

Jin_Sakai49d ago


“I can attest to that. I have a pretty good Sony soundbar and it does sound awful.“

I have a Sonos Arc with surrounds. What should my settings be on for it to work properly?

FinalFantasyFanatic49d ago

What about AVRs/Home Theaters? Does it sound good there? Or is it only for TVs?

DRambo48d ago

It is not supported yet. If you go through a av receiver, you cannot used 3d audio settings.

48d ago
AmUnRa48d ago

No not yet, but its coming...

Deathdeliverer49d ago

I think this is for anyone. The thing is though it isn’t all games I think. Playing returnal or ratchet, actual PS5 games, it sounds excellent. Still prefer the headset though. In the headset it REALLY shows. With the TV speakers it clearly sounds better than regular. I think because you can crank the headset up so much without waking up your whole house you can appreciate it more. On the TV you can’t exactly do too much.
Eitherway, awesome tech. I still feel like returnal is the best game I’ve ever heard. Ratchet definitely sounds crazy good. The sound of club nefarious in the distance with millions of other sounds is crazy. Returnal though. Some of those weapons literally made me jump. NBS crack of thunder in your ear. It’s amazing.

MrNinosan49d ago

Isn't this a few months old news?

The_Sage49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

I've got an Atmos home theater complete with in ceiling hight channels. My reciever does a nice job of turning the 3d audio into fake atmos. I do dig the 3d audio when I'm playing with headphones before my wife gets up.

It does a good job faking the height channels with 5.1 too. In Days Gone when it's raining and you go into a stricture with a tin roof its amazing. So is the thunder when you're outside.

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The story is too old to be commented.