The First Trailer For The Halo Series To Premiere At The Game Awards

Halo on Paramount+ : "Gear up, Spartans. We’ll see you at The Game Awards on Thursday."

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Deathdeliverer427d ago

I said it days ago. The game awards are at the Microsoft theater. If you’re an Xbox fan you’ll definitely want to tune in. Everyone else… wait for Nintendo direct or PlayStations equivalent.

annoyedgamer427d ago

This is is going to suck so bad. Their last go at a series was full of bad writing and annoying characters, I expect this one as bad or worse.

4Sh0w427d ago (Edited 427d ago )

I'm not expecting Game of Thornes level stuff (My favorite series alltime except for the last season) but I'm expecting something entertaining like comic book level. Personally though I'm biased as a fan of the franchise I'll watch anything Halo but yeah I hope it doesn't suck. pfft annoyed right now I can't play the campaign yet.