PlayStation Reveals Delicious Food Inspired by The Last of Us Part II, Uncharted, & Ratchet & Clank

The Australian arm of PlayStation has set out to show that the connection between games and food goes beyond snacking in front of the screen.

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NotanotherReboot164d ago

how about cooking some games instead, Sony

164d ago
NeoGamer232163d ago

To be fair, Sony has not released a new first party title since June. And isn't schedule to release one until end of February.

Yes, XB is no better. Did not release a new first party title from launch until August. (Except Gear tactics and Flight Simulator which were only on PC so not really new).

dbcoops163d ago


If we're really being fair he said "cooking" which implies working on/making/creating and we know that they are doing that.

Deathdeliverer164d ago

One things for sure… Those burgers aren’t cheap. Even in US dollars that’s about $15…. for a cheeseburger. That cow must have magical properties.

medman164d ago (Edited 164d ago )

I am now craving a famous philly steak and cheese from Jersey Mike's.

-Foxtrot163d ago

Surprised they didn't name it Seth's bigot sandwich

ArmorOfGod163d ago

Hahahah underrated comment

z2g163d ago

so now Sony knows what its like to make silly content to keep their name in circulation while the other side is releasing games for once.

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