Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy Standalone Versions Delisted From PlayStation Store

Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy standalone versions have been delisted from the PlayStation Store, with only the bundle available for purchase.

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Petebloodyonion475d ago

Why should you be allowed to buy a cheap 19$ option when you can pay 40$ for both?
That strategy reminds me of Bethesda who removed the original Skyrim from the store to make sure ppl don't purchase old games + DLC so they could get a cheap upgrade and replace it with a complete package at a premium price.

septemberindecember475d ago

It's probably some licensing thing and they will put it back on the store in a few short weeks. The same thing happened with DKC: Tropical Freeze and Pikmin 3 when they were a few months from releasing on Switch. They were pulled on Wii U, but then were added back within a month or so.

Nitrowolf2474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

I think it’s most likely due to the loophole of getting it cheaper
Because from how it’s worded if you own either of them u qualify for the bundle, so you never owned it you could have bought either one for $20 and pay the $10 upgrade fee to get the bundle, saving you $20 overall buying the bundle directly. ($30 vs $50)

Idk if that’s right, if u own either or u get the bundle discount?

Petebloodyonion474d ago

I think it's a different scenario since Wii U games can't be played on Switch.
On playstation 5, PS4 games can be played so like I said, I believe that Sony removed the cheap PS4 option to be align with the upcoming PS5 release.
And like someone mentioned (if it's true) why would you pay 50$ when you can buy the standalone 19$ Ps4 version and pay a 10$ to upgrade to the PS5 version?

septemberindecember474d ago

@nitro @pete

If they make it to where only those who have both games get the upgrade option then that would be $40 + $10 for the upgrade, right?

IDK, we will see if they bring it back, but I have a feeling they will personally. If not this is pretty scummy.

Terry_B474d ago

It will just be a matter of time before both cost 20 together anyway

monkey602474d ago

Yeah this is poor form. Just because the cost of an upgrade is low doesn't mean it's not too much. Upgrades should be free and removing the older options from sale is being stingy. Sony need to step it up. Their direct competition has them in a chokehold in this regards, having built an entire system around free upgrades.

Do better Sony.

Magog475d ago

They are allowing you to upgrade to the PS5 version for $10 so this makes sense.


Paying for an upgrade?

VerminSC474d ago

You pay $10 if you own ONE of the games and get an entire other game for free.

It’s not like these games are cross gen. This is more than fair.

That’s like paying $10 to upgrade GTA 5 and getting RDR2 upgraded for free. But people love to bitch..

Teflon02475d ago

I would complain, but the fact I'll get to upgrade from 4 to both for $10. I'm not even mad tbh

Petebloodyonion474d ago

I'm suprised how Sony is getting a free pass because they give you a 10$ upgrade for Standalone but if role were reverse and let's say MS removed the Doom eternal standalone and replaced with a Doom Eternal deluxe version at 40$ and would charge a 10$ to upgrade to the Serie X version (with same beneifit of having complete version for 10$) this would already have been the #1 news with an uproar.

474d ago
VerminSC474d ago

It’s not the same. In your example they weren’t Including a free game… if they charged $10 to upgrade to doom eternal remastered and you also got deathloop for free than yeah I think most people would find that completely fair.

porkChop474d ago (Edited 474d ago )


I don't have a problem with how Sony is handling the upgrade, though the originals shouldn't have been delisted. But I want to point out that Lost Legacy isn't a full game. It was billed as a standalone expansion. So comparing that to Deathloop doesn't make much sense. Deathloop is a brand new AAA game, not an expansion. This is more like a GOTY edition rather than getting two full games.

Petebloodyonion474d ago

In Doom Eternal, you are getting 2 story DLC expansions (the Ancient gods 1 and 2) that could have been sold as a standalone expansion like the previous Bethesda Standalone expansion (Wolfenstein).
Just for the info the average time to complete both DLC is around 8 hours in Doom Eternal and Uncharted Lost Legacy
So I think my example holds pretty well.

VerminSC474d ago (Edited 474d ago )


No, that was their intention but the game became too ambitious and was made into a full game. It released on disk, and was longer than many single player games. It had a slightly cheaper price to honor the people who payed for the delux edition of uncharted 4 and because it was shorter than Uncharted 4.

northpaws474d ago

Because Sony's exclusives are just that much better.

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FanboysKiller474d ago

Another reason to buy sony games on pc.

VariantAEC473d ago

Or you can buy them on disc.
I know that's a novel concept.

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