15 Best Aliens Games of All Time

The best Aliens games run the gamut from the very early days of franchise to a couple of recent cult hits that deserved better.

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FTLmaster661d ago

Good list, but I'm pretty sure AvP2 was developed by Monolith and not Rebellion.

CrimsonWing69661d ago (Edited 661d ago )

I'm pretty super AvP 2 and Isolation weren't developed by Capcom...

Game journalism.

Rebel_Scum661d ago

Alien 3 on the master system was great. Number 1 could only be Isolation though. The series has had some rough ass games.

660d ago

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Kaii147d ago

Bioshock 1 only has the intro though, would you kindly pick up that radio? :p

Levii_92147d ago

Original FEAR is a goddamn masterpiece

oIMyersIo147d ago

Was playing Alien: Isolation again a few weeks ago, still holds up and the AI is incredible.

F.E.A.R. was another amazing game, shame the series went downhill with 2 and then fell off entirely with F3AR.

Couldn’t get into Fatal Frame, bought the remaster on PS5 and just…couldn’t.

DeathTouch147d ago

Fatal Frame 2 is an underrated masterpiece.

gold_drake146d ago

omg that game freaked me out haha

Abnor_Mal146d ago

One of my favorite games, would love to see a remake.

gold_drake146d ago

i still think Haunting Ground is one of the best.

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