Xbox is the games publisher of 2021

Microsoft has been a star performer over the last six months, which bodes well for the years ahead.

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LordoftheCritics42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

They are on fire.

Next Year is looking pretty insane.

Also Game Pass has been exceptional. I have had a tough time with MS decisions over the last 5 years but its been really good lately.

My winter game pass playlist:

1. Age of Empires
2. Forza
3. Halo:I
4. Back 4 Blood
5. Flight Sim
6. Star Wars: Squadrons
7. Rift Breaker
8. Yakuza
9. Avengers

And so many others to try out.

DJStotty42d ago

I'm personally quite hooked on Riftbreaker at the mo, a really good game.

DJStotty42d ago

If you like base building games, or RTS games, then you will enjoy it.

eaze201341d ago

I ran into a weird bug, or maybe it's a mechanic I am misunderstanding where my resources are ticking down, need to get back to it. Was really enjoying it.

DJStotty41d ago


Resources will decrease due to environmental factors, solar panels stop working during the night, storms affect power lines sometimes cutting off certain mines etc, for me i started using wind turbines mainly, with a few solar in support, also build a few energy stores so that by the time the sun rises and kicks the solar panels back on, you still have energy reserves.

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darthv7242d ago

If you are a SW fan (as i am) then Squadrons is a blast to play. I trade off between that and Jedi: Fallen Order (still havent beaten that one).

darkrider42d ago

There two hits on that list both came out in the end of the year. Thats a good year for Microsoft, but compared to the competition not really. Forza and halo.

Lightning7742d ago

What are you gonna say about Stalker 2, Redfall, Forza Motorsport and Starfield next year? All you and many others did was did is mock then for 3 years. Eve. Going as far as saying they weren't doing anything with their studios? That never made sense but anyway. It's a very hard pill for you to swallow knowing MS will finally deliver the big AAA games. You can accept reality or continue to make excuse after excuse.

thesoftware73042d ago

Every comment I read up until yours was gamers enjoying games and actually talking about what they like..

Then here you come, with an opinion of negativity that no one cares for, but all expected. Bro, it's the holiday season, go enjoy it, Instead of always attempting to start a silly debate, we all know what you do on here and how desperate you are to let someone know how you feel about MS and Xbox..WE KNOW...lay off it for a while.

Anyway..You guys should try Anvil on GP, its challenging and fun..its a Twin stuck shooter mixed with Rogue lite elements.

itsmebryan41d ago

What was the last new game on the "competition "? How long will it between the last game and the next 1st party exclusive? It looks like the "Competition has No games." For a pretty long time.

UnSelf42d ago

Wheres the guy who said I wish i had an Xbox so i can play Infinite and Forza? I need that kind of laugh again.

Halo hasnt been groundbreaking since Halo 2 and Forza is dope but purchasing a whole system for a driving game is insane.

If Xbox wants to impress someone, release a Gold Standard, Triple A Perfect Dark that captures the magic the n64 version had

thesoftware73042d ago

Go away, bah humbug to you.

Go play what you like..isn't that better than what you are doing on this thread.

ThePacemaker42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Who cares about your winter playlist?!

richie007bond42d ago

Look at all the salty disagrees

headshotfrosty42d ago

Haters gonna hate. Play away my friend.

SquidBuck42d ago

First time for everything!

Jrpg_Gamer42d ago

Nothing of interest to me, I bought yakuza long before came out on xbox, I think xbox games are not for me, only game im interested is psycho 2 but is on ps4, I will wait for the New games on 2023

anubusgold42d ago

How dare you leave off jedi fallen order and Phyco naughts

itsmebryan41d ago

I agree with you we have so many choices. Where are the "Xbox has no games" people? I guess they are the people giving you down votes for stating facts.

Gamepass is such a great deal for gamers. It really brought down the price of gaming by providing lots of games day and date at a low price.

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My_Name_is_Earl42d ago

Share your top 3 in terms of critical reception for the year please, I want to laugh too.

Obscure_Observer42d ago

"Share your top 3 in terms of critical reception for the year please, I want to laugh too."

Lol. Yeah, me too. XD

thecodingart42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

If you're telling me anything Microsoft has delivered outshines the basic IPs that have had releases from Sony and Nintendo over the past 6 months; Returnal, Ratchet, Metroid, etc... you're literally lying to yourself.

Microsoft have release Forza and literally are in the middle of releasing Halo. Forza is great, Halo is meh.

ElvisHuxley42d ago

I wonder if they're laughing? I mean, I know it's all subjective, but really? lol

Tacoboto42d ago

Returnal released over 7 months ago and Ratchet almost 6. Sony's output since then has been Iki Island. Nintendo only really released Dread and the AC DLC unless you want to count their B releases and remakes.

In that time, MS studios have released Flight Sim on console, Psychonauts 2, Age of Empires, Deathloop, on top of Forza Horizon and now Halo.

WillyC00942d ago

The opinion piece already provided the laughter. Gave me a good laugh as soon as I saw the headline.

Terry_B42d ago

Capcom, Namco and Nintendo.

SquidBuck42d ago

First time for everything. Only took them over two decades.

VariantAEC36d ago

Flight Simulator everywhere is still in beta, but thankfully after the few months since it came to Xbox CTD for us PC users has become less frequent. Actually a third of the six titles you listed are ports or re-releases while only two are non-PlayStation releases and honestly of those the gaming world is split on whether FH5 is any good and many are already disappointed with Halo Infinite's campaign.

Me personally... I spent big gamer bucks on the deluxe edition of FH5 played it early and all that and because I rejected an update Windows 10 decided I don't need the app anymore and DELETED IT FROM MY PC WITHOUT MY PERMISSION SAVE GAME INCLUDED!

Thankfully not all my progress was lost because I was smart enough to make an offline copy but I didn't realize it was from early last month so I lost 34 stages of progression a house several cars dozens of accolades (including ones where I had to drift seemingly endlessly up and down the freeway to collect over 1.5 million skill score, didn't get to 2 million) and my festival progress was set back several points as well obviously.

Sure you can argue the game itself didn't cause this massive ••••up, but it is still Microsoft to blame for deleting a $100 piece of software from my personal machine which of course includes that progress. I had to open up those locked folders MS doesn't want us to get into just to actually check and see if the computer just moved the app (because I wasn't paying enough attention to the space being used on that drive), but no it did appear to delete it and the start menu and pinned icons were all automatically removed too.

The update seems to have only marginally improved performance at the cost of visuals. 1440p30 isn't off the table on my laptop anymore, but DRS still seems to be broken along with the banding in SSAO implementation which only gets worse at lower resolutions. But hey at least now the mouse cursor actually disappears after it is idle on screen for a bit now Playground Games did fix that issue.

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Then elaborate. I need a laugh this morning as well.

ColtPSSX42d ago

He just did and I agree.
They had nothing all year besides the end while Sony had something all year besides the end… I feel like you guys forgot that.

I personally feel like it’s a tie.

42d ago
darkrider42d ago

Zero triple AAA games since launch for almost a year! The reality is that pc games old and new launched on the series got zero impact on consoles. The first is another forza and then another halo. Amazing year. You could buy the series x on October and didn't lose anything.

wiz719142d ago

@darksider the last Halo release was 5 years ago , outside of games let’s not forget out the 3 they are the most consumer friendly. Sony been releasing great games but their customer service been kinda terrible, Nintendo is just Nintendo

1Victor42d ago

@ logic just re reading your comments history and anyone will spend a month in the hospital with a laugh attack, 💯% pure joker gas

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NeoGamer23242d ago

So what publisher would you choose and why?

Remember this is about 2021, not 2020.

My_Name_is_Earl42d ago

Sony?? And their 2 games this year? Hahahaha!

Age of Empire IV
Halo Infinite
Forza Horizon 5
Flight Simulator
Psychonauts 2

Allpublished by Microsoft this year and all received very well. Lol Sony!

gamer942d ago

Can't wait for Bethesda's catalogue to start kicking in too! Starfield, the game was so good Sony tried to get exclusive rights to and then Microsoft bought the whole parent company. Bring on a generation of new starfield, elder scrolls, fallout, doom, wolfenstein, deathloop, dishonored, prey, and that's just some of the Bethesda ones, man xbox has zero games never will lol

FlavorLav0142d ago

Deathloop wasn’t published by MS. Lol. Tell yourself whatever you need to feel good about another game of the year contender that wasn’t on XBOX this year.

Teflon0242d ago (Edited 42d ago )

- Age of empire? they don't even release this on console for a reason. It's a game I respect but it's like mentioning Destruction All Stars, unless you're a very specific crowd no one cares.
- Flight simulator is a PC port to console that's a 2020 game. But whatever, that can count
- Forzas horizon games are simply amazing
- Halo is unfinished and really a 2022 game with early access essentially
- Psychonauts2 is great, gotta love platformers

Deathloop wasn't published by MS

in comparison
- Destruction All-Stars... Like mentioning Age of Empire imo, neither is a highlight in this conversation
- Death Stranding Director's Cut (counting these director cuts because Flight sim and the fact they actually have new content)
- Ghost of Tsushima Director's Cut
- MLB The Show 21
- Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
- Returnal

Sony's published more this year on top of releasing the PS5 with in 2021. They should honestly be the highlight for Insomniac alone tbh.
Miles Morales
Demon Souls
and Astro's Playroom

MS hasn't done enough yet. I think MS may have a good year next year if not 2023. But 2 releases at the end of the year with 1 being incomplete isn't enough yet tbh

wiz719142d ago

@flavor ironically the game wasn’t made by any Sony studio either .. and it’s a time exclusive lol

sammarshall10242d ago

The funnier thing is that one of these is only playable on PS5 for the time being and another is a multiplat

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Tedakin42d ago

Okay who is? They published like 7 80+ games this year. 2 90+ games.

Godmars29042d ago

"If you're telling me anything Microsoft has delivered outshines the basic IPs"

Don't forget indie and PC publishers.

MS put out continuations of franchises post a drought and needed to buy a 3rd party publisher for traction.

Yes, 2021 lead publisher indeed...

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