Battlefield 2042 Mouse Aiming Issue Explained by DICE, Audio Changes & More Coming in Next Patch

DICE explains the Battlefield 2042 mouse aiming issue & how it's different from other games, & confirms audio changes & more fixes incoming in next update.

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Smok9141d ago

Remember a few months before release when they said they were ahead of schedule lolol

excaliburps41d ago

I believe this was Andrew Wilson who said it? But yeah. Not looking good now.

Ash01Live41d ago

My mouse aim issue is that I can't plug a mouse into my Xbox and compete with PC player, I'm forced to play with some of the worst controller aiming mechanics against these insanely cracked kids that play each game like an mlg final. Yes I'm a filthy casual

1nsomniac41d ago

How they released a patch that disabled horizontal mouse movement and then not instantly released a hot fix is beyond me. They’re so incompetent it’s unreal. Leaving it to YouTubers to find and spread a config edit fix. Unbelievable.

Ninver40d ago

There's not a week that goes by without a new bug being found in this turd of a game. Way to fail miserably Dice. Absolutely incompetent.

hoodrat40d ago

A lot of the problems with bf2042 can't be fixed with a patch. Like cyberpunk 2077 there are foundational design flaws.