Halo Infinite won’t let you replay story missions

Halo Infinite’s campaign will launch on Dec. 8 missing a feature that made earlier games endlessly accessible: the ability to replay individual story missions. It’s a shame, because Halo Infinite’s levels are a blast to play — but there’s only one way to do so, which is starting a new save.

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Orchard43d ago

This is kinda standard for open world games I guess, but I would like to see them add the ability to jump to a specific mission after completing the game.

That being said, I'm probably going to replay the campaign once campaign co-op launches - assuming the campaign is as good as the reviews are claiming.

Snookies1243d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Yeah, that's a bit unfortunate honestly. Even if the game is open world. When it comes to campaigns, I love having the option to replay individual segments of it. Hopefully that is added down the line...

moriarty188943d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Same here. Hope they can add the ability to do it at some point.

GamerRN43d ago

How come no one ever complained about Red Dead 2 and GTAV and all other open world games being the same way?

darren_poolies43d ago


Maybe because you've never been able to do it on those series but it's been a staple of Halo games ever since it started?

neutralgamer199242d ago


Could be that because in GTA5 you can replay missions?

Just like in GTA 5, Red Dead Redemption 2 also allows players to replay main missions. ... In RDR 2 you can replay the main story missions as many times as you like. Pause the game, go to the Progress option and then select Story. Go to the desired chapter and select the mission you want to replay

Face facts Halo Infinite launched unfinished and is missing key features that will be added sometimes next year. And that's with 6 years of development time and close to half a billion dollar in budget

I know people like to defend their favorite games we all have our preferences but when something is incomplete we should put our biased asides and call it the way it is

LordoftheCritics42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

Did not expect mission selection.

I assume its like most other open world games that dont have mission selections. Farcry, botw etc etc

I don't think you can or need to carry over every aspect of previous Halos if the new Halo is changing itself. Technically you could add every single feature and more but then add more time to development.

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gamer780443d ago (Edited 43d ago )

The game isn’t feature complete, they will be patching in level select later on. sounds like they’ll be working on this game constantly for a while.

GamerRN43d ago

So they are adding something no other open world story driven game had in the past!? That's awesome!

gamer780443d ago

@gamerrn. Not really some others have done it like sleeping dogs and some of the AC games with the memory sections off the top of my head it’s not common though as the Nature of open world games.

-Foxtrot42d ago

Yet despite this it’s still getting near perfect reviews

Yeah that’ll show them, they’ll “never” do it again

gamer780442d ago

@foxtrot. Hopefully next time coop will be in at launch but yah the reviews need to be more critical of missing features I agree.

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swifty143d ago (Edited 43d ago )

I’ve only played halo/Xbox for 10 mins, way back in 2001. Got my son an Xbox series x via gamepass for xmas... I’m so excited I’m opening up that box and hooking it up! I honestly feel like a kid at Xmas lol and I’m almost old balls 40

Orchard43d ago

Not sure why you got downvotes/disagrees, but it's pretty awesome that you're getting to crack open a new console at Christmas and play games with your son. He's lucky to be getting an XSX!

Hope you both have a blast!

anast42d ago

I agree. It takes a special kind of person to downvote someone having fun while gaming.

Petebloodyonion42d ago

"Not sure why you got downvotes/disagree"
Because he's saying something positive about Xbox
Heck let me put that to the test.
I enjoy my Xbox and my game pass subscription :)

swifty142d ago

Appreciate it thanks man

DJStotty43d ago

Welcome to the club swifty1!!!

You will not be disappointed, mine looks so in place next to my new 55" samsung TV lol.

thesoftware73042d ago

Swifty, be prepared for game overload!

You will be like a kid in a candy store, wanting to try everything.
GP has so much good games of every genre, it simply come down to how much you can play.

What a good xmas that should be.

Hofstaderman43d ago

Assassin's Creed games let's you replay missions via the DNA memory strands.

MoonConquistador42d ago

And likewise, GTA & RDR allowed you to replay story missions to allow you to get gold ratings on them so I'm not sure where the rhetoric that this isn't a common feature comes from.

CobraKai43d ago

I was scared they were gonna say you can only play the campaign once.

Orchard43d ago

*credits roll finishes* "This game will self-destruct in 3... 2... 1..."

CobraKai43d ago

Credits finish- “Thanks for playing. The story has now been vaulted.”

DJStotty43d ago

lol "campaign archived, infinitely"

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