Every Main Resident Evil Game Ranked Worst To Best

GameByte writes: "What are the best Resident Evil games? GameByte has taken the time to rank our favourites from worst to best. No spin-offs, no remakes!"

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NecrumOddBoy42d ago

I feel like most people will disagree with every possible position you placed this games on the list. It’s as if it’s intentionally thought out to be divisive.

enkiduxiv42d ago

His ranking is pretty much spot on for me (except for Zero). However, I will admit to being an old school resident evil fan. I'm not so far gone that I am demanding the return of tank controls, but I do like the slower, less actiony more atmospheric titles. I suspect that there are a lot of us out there like this.

Nevertheless, Resident Evil is more of an action series than a horror series. Most of the fans would probably put Village and 4 at the top and 1, 2 and 7 at the bottom.

wiz719142d ago

Nope honestly the best game in the series for me is the originals remake, nothing after had the same atmosphere.

jBlakeeper32d ago

The casuals fans yes, but not the fans who play it for the horror aspect

KingofBandits42d ago

Thats Capcom's fault by fragmenting the series so heavily over the decades. its made the fan base broken and volatile. The RE4 bro's always trying to argue with the 0-CV fans while the new first person fans scream about how its the best while citing "sales numbers". I wish Capcom would stop messing with the series by chasing trends and focus on story and mechanics while leaving the gameplay classic. Worry about reinventing it when the sales get slow

Babadook742d ago

The crazy thing is I mostly agree with this list except I would not put 0 as a mainline RE.

anast42d ago

4,5 and 6 should all share the same spot. Other than the technical aspects of 4, the game was actually a joke.

pietro121242d ago

I love 4, but I think it sucks as a Resident Evil and Survival Horror. 5 was a good arcade shooter and nothing more. 6 was a mess trying to find it's own identity. I wholly disagree on Village, it's not a good horror game besides some elements, but man I had a lot of fun playing it though,

KingofBandits42d ago

I am really glad to see so many comments echo this, as I have been saying these things for a very long time mostly into an echo chamber. I sincerely hope that the fanbase starts to shift so we can get classic survival horror back. Not just fixed camera but proper pacing, item management, and other aspects of design

Suave_Langosta42d ago

I’ve never played the series myself, I’ve always watched a friend or now, a stream. If I were to get into the series, what is the order if I just want to play the remasters/upgraded versions? I looked on the store once and there were so many different versions I got confused. Yeah, dumb I know but I thought I’d ask.

KingofBandits42d ago

from a modern perspective RE2 R and RE3 R would be a good starting point but to do it properly play the HD remaster of RE1 R then move on to those. if the series becomes a fav for you going back to the older titles would be what I'd recommend next. Moving on to 4-8 only is you REALLY want to as to me those are the weakest in the series.

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