Halo Infinite Accessibility Review

Halo Infinite is the most accessible Halo game to date, but the clumsy implementation of its vast array of accessibility settings leaves it drastically rough around the edges.

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darthv7252d ago

Curious but do the accessibility settings of the system have anything to do with the way they are implemented within the game? i've never had to mess with any myself but im sure i will at some point (eyesight is getting weaker). Was just wondering if they are at the system level or on a game by game basis.

4Sh0w52d ago

Never heard if an "accessibility review" but OK, in a nutshell here are the point deductions:

-Subtitles need to be bigger
-Waypoints are hard to see
-Directional indications are rough
-Tiring open-world on top of fast-paced combat

I dont this will be a problem for most gamers but hopefully there will be future options for those with poor vision...I mean if possible, as for the last negative, we'll its a shooting game, if the fast pace is "inaccessible" or makes you tired then sorry it's not for you.

LordoftheCritics50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

I believe there could be an accessibility score instead of review but based on what?

What is 10? and what is 1? And all that could change based on game/game type/controls type/fps/3rd person etc etc. Too many factors.

But this site seems like it reviews the content as well.

Its kind of convoluted.

Atom66651d ago

There are some helpful system-level options (like the narrator, high contrast, text to speech) that are good tools for visually impaired players.

Many of the types of issues highlighted here need to be adjusted/accounted for in the software itself though.

OptimusDK51d ago

Who OK this "Review". It is more than stupid. But hey what ever gets a bad HALO score on top of N4G. LOL

dbcoops51d ago

Its not stupid, MS prides itself on accessibility and if Halo is missing aspects of that and limiting people with disabilities ability to play than that should be brought to light. The fact certain people dont want any of the negatives of this game discussed is very telling

51d ago
XbladeTeddy51d ago

I think it's a good thing, if Microsoft see the review it's valuable feedback for improvement. Gaming should be inclusive for everyone and I'm all for accessibility for people if it can be achieved.

Petebloodyonion51d ago

I was like WTF type of review but after reading I would say It's an ok review that should help MS improve accessibility for ppl with disabilities.

Teflon0251d ago

Tbh, outside the score, this is a more important review than a general review. Most reviews should be a overview of a game, so you can understand what you're buying into. This is for a specific audience. MS is generally just about the best at accessibility, so this would come off as a shock to find out one of their biggest franchises needs work in the department. Also think I've seen these accessibility reviews a few times this year. If not, atleast articles talking about how great games have been at it as of late. They got awards for it, so it's pretty fair.

rockwhynot51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

It's not stupid. Thousands of players with particular audio, visual or input-based prefernecs however appreciate any extra effort developers take to make their game more playable.

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Suave_Langosta51d ago

What is a accessibility review? What’s next the emotional impact review?

Suave_Langosta51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

🤷‍♂️ My bad haha, I don’t mean it offensively, I’ve just never seen this before today.

dbcoops51d ago

A review of the accessibility options or lack there of, seemed pretty self explanatory.

Vits51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Yeah, no it's not that. At least not only that.

The work this fella does is to review a game under the lens of accessibility. That for sure covers the accessibility options. But it also goes much further detailing why some design choices make a game accessible or not. Two very polarizing views of his were on Death Stranding and Deathloop where he more or less criticized the first on its progression system that made things easier only later in the game and the second for the rogue elements that made it difficult.

It is however a focused review to folks with some disability. Not exactly made to the mainstream player.

51d ago
JustTheFax51d ago

Next is the LGBTQIAP++ representation review

Teflon0251d ago

There's nothing wrong with a review telling people with disabilities whether a game is accessible with a review. They deserve to enjoy the art of games like everyone else and this comment is just tasteless and disrespectful whether it was the intent or not tbh

rockwhynot51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

You're a dumb person comparing people with physical disabilities to people with atypical sexual preferences. Good luck out there.

AnotherGamer51d ago

Where you been over the past years?

rockwhynot51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

If people want to emotionally review something they can reach for a tissue. Thousands of players with particular audio, visual or input-based prefernecs however appreciate any extra effort developers take to make their game more playable/accessible.

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XxSPIDEYxX51d ago

The website, if people actually went there, is ment to let people with disabilities know if the game is accessible to them. They aren't saying Halo the game is bad itself, just the lack of accessibility options are.

-T9X-69-51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I don't know man. This is the concluding statement on the "accessibility review". If the paragraph on the site right above the ones I posted below, was the concluding statement and it ended there. I'd 100% agree with you, but these 2 paragraphs at the end? Make it seem more like a review of the game and accessibility options within the game, and not exclusively about the accessibility features themselves like the author is suggesting.

"If you’re after a game where you can focus on shooting the shit out of aliens, this is probably for you. I’m personally not feeling as if I’m able to follow the story outside of cutscenes because of the pacing and barriers I’ve noted above, mostly the directionality and legibility of on-screen elements.

The open-world style doesn’t seem to fit with the game, and the fast-paced combat on top of the tiring exploration makes for a very tiring experience. My review score might seem a bit tough, but if you’re wanting a modern and accessible Halo experience, focus on the multiplayer portion of the game for now."

EDIT: Example. Take a look at their Forza review.

Look at the concluding statement. That sounds like an accessibility review alright. However, if you start looking at their reviews. Only some include scores. A LOT don't. Like a lot. I think you see where I'm going with this lol

MrBeatdown50d ago (Edited 50d ago )

You can't just separate accessibility from the overall game...

Big subtitles... 10/10!!!

Let's say you're deaf and a game lacks subtitles you can read... A story-driven game someone can't follow is going to far less enjoyable than a racing, fighting game, or multiplayer shooter.

The author even said it's great if you just want to shoot aliens or stick to multiplayer.

Hofstaderman51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

A blind person can't aim... 0/10
Sorry, visually impaired

Hofstaderman51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

Why the disagrees. It may be a bit insensitive but it's a fact. And it was meant to be sarcastic.

Taero51d ago

Well you joke but isn't TloU completable if you're blind through their accessibility options? I'm not saying that Halo needs to be but if you're trying to make the point that you need to be able to see to play video games then that isn't always true.

Hofstaderman51d ago (Edited 51d ago )

I'm sorry, but if you are totally blind how would you be able to aim in a first person shooter? I suppose the game could produce a sound cue if the reticle rests on a target but even that would be remote. The truth of the matter is that video games are inherently not able to accommodate certain disabilities.

rockwhynot51d ago

I'm certain audio accessibility options could help a blind person enjoy some FPS video games. By the way, they've made some headsets that also connect to the scalp and somehow help blind people see after being totally blind for decades or since birth. It's actually worth seeing them cry tears of joy when they see again.

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