What The G.E.C.K. Means To Fallout 3

Matt McDonald of SmashPad writes:

"In addition to the 3 dowloadable content packs for PC and Xbox 360 announced in November, Bethesda also announced The G.E.C.K (Garden of Eden Creation Kit), an official game editor for the PC that is free to download starting today.

For me, the arrival of The G.E.C.K is both exciting and disappointing. It's exciting because while the official DLC releases are sure to be high quality additions in classic Bethesda style, there is an incredible amount of potential for the community to create a steady stream of quality additions to the game. While Bethesda is limited by team size, resources, and pressure to create new games, the community can continue to breathe life into Fallout 3 long after the official development team has moved on."

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