2021 Game of the Year: IGN's Nominations

IGN : Here's our picks for the very best games of the year in 2021, from the return of old favorites to bold new series.

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darthv7240d ago

Some pretty solid titles on that list. I've only played a few so far but I will get to more of them at some point.

Muigi40d ago

Hitman 3 and RE8 have been my favorite two releases this year. Overall this was a solid list.

roadkillers40d ago

Agree'd. I wished RE8 was bigger and possibly open-world... Playing the game, they do give a small feeling of open world.

zacfoldor39d ago

Oh yeah, I loved Village. I can see how it is a bit redundant(like Tales of Arise) but for my personal tastes, it is perfect. I loved how the game was segmented as well. Just a huge fan of VIII, it really surprised me, I didn't think I would enjoy it as much as I did. RE Village had ATMOSPHERE. Pretty epic, imo.

Ron_Danger40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

I’m a day one Returnal player and it’s my game of the year no question. First off it’s the only game all year that felt fresh and new. Second, hands down the best sound design I’ve ever experienced in a game. Didn’t matter if it was my 5.1 surround or my headphones, the audio of this game needs to be experienced first hand. Third, it had the best sense of accomplishment. A lot of games almost feel like a chore at some point but nothing ever felt that way (unless you were going for the plat which is a choice by the gamer) with Returnal. Every run felt like I was getting better and every boss victory felt like the final scene in a crazy action movie.

Edit: another reason: I got the platinum trophy and continued playing it. Not many games with a grindy platinum can get me to keep playing and Returnal did just that.

Elda40d ago

Agreed. Going for the platinum was a chore for me when it came down to hunting for the last xenoglyph cipher in Crimson Wastes. It took me about a week to find the last cipher which was yesterday afternoon...whew!!! Returnal is an excellent action game,hopefully there's incoming dlc.

GamerX2340d ago

Forza Horizon 5 is hands down my GOTY. Second place for me was Ratchet and Clank it was so short but the games lookod beautiful

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