Switch Tops 97M, PS5 15M, XS 10M - Worldwide Hardware Estimates for Black Friday Week

The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console with 1,614,507 units sold for the week ending November 27, according to VGChartz estimates. The Switch has now sold an estimated 97.12 million units lifetime.

The Xbox Series X|S managed to outsell the PS5 for the very first time since the two consoles launched in November 2020.

The Xbox Series X|S sold 862,857 units to bring their lifetime sales to 10.09 million units. The PlayStation 5 sold an estimated 801,603 units to bring its lifetime sales to 15.75 million units.

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darkrider46d ago

Well, the fake news campaign it's over. The switch destroyed the competition. They are also much more available. If it wasn't the switch that would be strange. Of course only non gamers would think that another console could smash the competition...

darthv7246d ago

i dont think anyone was arguing about the switch. Everyone pretty much knew it would be the big winner. The main arguing point was would XB be able to outsell PS and clearly... it did.

MrNinosan46d ago

Also due to stock thou, as Series S has been collecting dust in stores since summer. Now many of the stores sell Series S as a discounted price and even if Black Week is over, Series S is still available in many stores.

Would PS5 be available, there's no doubt it would've outsold Series X/S

darkrider46d ago

Dude. Stock. The s is available worldwide for months

DJStotty45d ago


"Would PS5 be available, there's no doubt it would've outsold Series X/S"

If more Series was available, then that figure would also increase, not just PS5's, don't be mad, it is due to Xbox having 2 system sellers, i fully expect next week to be the same.

frostypants45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Same reason the Switch did well though: the XSS is relatively easy to find. Stores had massive piles of them in inventory. It's not really legitimate to lump XSS sales in with XSX.

That said I'm glad the XSS is out there in this case, my strong feelings about it holding development back aside. It's going to save Christmas for a lot of parents who couldn't hunt down the unicorns.

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roadkillers46d ago

Nintendo combined their handheld and console into one. It's a fantastic piece of hardware. Xbox pretty much made a Gamepass console and a PC home console. I honestly feel more at home with Playstation, unfortunately I cannot get that console warmth with all of the shortages.

darkrider46d ago

Best way is still pre order.

DeusFever46d ago

Are PS5 and Xbox in competition with the Switch? Do you know anyone who chose a Switch as their only home console?

darkrider46d ago

Of course. Not everybody can afford next Gen consoles. We are talking about sales. Not games. Many parents won't buy ps5 or x to their kids, but instead switch or the s.

navi8745d ago

Ive got a switch alongside my gaming laptop.

JackBNimble45d ago

Isn't the digital edition ps5 $400usd?

Plenty of parents spent that on their kids for a ps4, I bought 1 for my kid and my wife.

Atom66645d ago

Those "Series S wins Black Friday" articles were about:

1) U.S. only
2) Just one day

So you're trying to use vgchartz's (lol) WORLDWIDE WEEK sales estimates to validate some useless argument, but you're not even comparing the same metrics.

Sorry, but this isn't the smoking gun you hoped it to be.

darkrider45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Dude those articles were saying most wanted console on black Friday that smashed the ps5. Many got their title changed later on. The reality most available console and even so it didn't sold more in any market on any day. More, series s is one console and the X is another. Their sales should never count as one. The ps5 and digital console are the same console.... It's just another marketing tool...

darthv7245d ago

You can say that all you want rider... it dont make it so. PS has two skus of ps5 to sell, XB has two skus of series to sell. Both have a disc and digital editions. Both have a pricier model and a cheaper model.

Sooner you accept that the sooner you can move on with your life.

ajax1745d ago

Are you *seriously* comparing Switch sales to PS5 and Series S/X sales?

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ElvisHuxley45d ago

Switch is only really relevant to discussions about Switch. It's not competing directly with ps or xbox, furthermore, it has the incredible advantage of actually being available to buy. Always be insecure people though that have to project that insecurity out into the internet, informing us all of why their console of choice is most certainly the "best" one.

frostypants45d ago

They sold better BECAUSE they are more available. Market demand for the PS5 and XSX is still much stronger.

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darthv7246d ago

Not too shabby. By comparison, PS4 outsold XBO by 65k units during their 2nd BF on the market (2014) while this time it is X|S outselling PS5 by 61k for their 2nd BF on the market.

Nyxus46d ago

Well this time around there are massive shortages.

Nyxus46d ago

The Series S has been readily available for months...

LucasRuinedChildhood46d ago

Yeah, you can't currently buy a PS5 or Series X but I can easily buy a Series S right now on Amazon UK with no issues and it's like this all the time.

darthv7246d ago

Even with shortages, both PS and XB are outselling their predecessors.

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darkrider46d ago

Don't spin stuff. The ps5 got short supply the ps4 didn't.

darthv7246d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. Despite 'teh shortage' the 5 is still continuing to outsell the 4 in the same time frame. What are you going to blame next... scalpers?

@Nyx, no, im poking holes in riders defense. What is it that most are vocal about concerning the availability of the PS5? Here's a hint... it aint shortages. some (on this site) have resorted to doing what we ALL pretty much tell them never to do. Desperate times calls for desperate measures.

Nyxus46d ago

@ darth: are you suggesting there are no shortages?

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Mr_Luke46d ago

Add that it outsold the PS5 because there aren't PS5 available. It's easy to outsell something that it's not there. So i don0t understand your point. In a period where you had both console, A outsold B. In a period that only B is available... B outsold A. That's normal ^^'' It would be very weird the opposite.

darthv7246d ago

What makes you think they weren't available? I saw lots of stock drop posts on twitter for all sorts of retailers like newegg, walmart, best buy, target... even sony themselves. some were even in stores. So yeah... they were there. Maybe you just didnt know about it but thousands of others sure did.

Just because you didn't see it, doesn't mean it didnt happen.

Mr_Luke45d ago

I don't know if i have to continue this conversation but... ok, if they put on the shelves (sort of) the consoles, they weren't enough. 1000 available VS a loooot more series S. So?
It's globally sold out as soon as it arrives in the shops or in the malls. Same for the Series X.
I repeat: the only one available, always and everywhere, it's the Series S.

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ThePacemaker46d ago

Thanks to the readily available Series S, the Xbox series is outselling PS5.

ColtPSSX46d ago

I called it, MS was smart to make series S. Cheaper and more easy to make it available.

Atticus_finch46d ago

Good for MS but bad for going development and not a good bargain compared to PS5 digital.

Darkborn46d ago

Yeah but now they sold the stock sitting on shelves for weeks or months. I've literally seen the same boxes in stores for weeks now of the series S and im guessing they finally sold. What now?

darkrider46d ago

Not really will make all games suffer.... Barely able to run cross Gen games at locked 1080p...

ColtPSSX46d ago

I never said it was good for us gamers or a better deal, just saying MS likes making money. As a business perspective it was smart.

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wiz719146d ago

Or is it the fact Halo is dropping and it’s an amazing game ..

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ColtPSSX46d ago

Crazy numbers, imagine the numbers for PS5 and X if they could make more…
In my areas, I didn’t even see one series X or PS5. Plenty of Series S but they were gone by the day ended.

frostypants45d ago

Because local store inventories are being sold online before they ever see the shelf. The stores are being used as glorified shipping centers. Sucks but it is what it is.

septemberindecember46d ago (Edited 46d ago )

Good numbers for Switch! Very slightly down YoY, but if they can maintain the same trajectory then they should finish the year with over 25M sold, which is no small task.

This would mean they hit the 102-103M mark by the end of 2021. Overtaking the Wii for sixth and possibly overtaking the PS1 for fifth best selling console ever. After that they just need over 14M to outsell the PS4 and 16M to outsell the Gameboy, which it should definitely be able to do by the end of next year.