GRID Legends skipping microtransactions and opting for seasonal content instead

With Codemasters now owned by EA, many were expecting the British developer’s future titles like the upcoming GRID Legends to dive headfirst into the microtransactions pool and introduce everything from battle passes to a store filled with wacky vehicle skins and customisation options.

Well, it doesn’t look like that is the case as GRID Legends won’t feature any microtransactions. Confirmed in a gameplay presentation by Codemasters today, the studio is instead opting for a year-long DLC plan which will include four content drops throughout the game’s first 12 months.

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Yi-Long166d ago

Same difference to me. Devs announcing an incomplete game at launch followed by DLC expansions means I won’t be buying it at launch and instead wait for a cheap complete edition somewhere down the line, if the game is good and if I’m still interested by then.

DLC has only made me spend less on games, not more.

The whole live-action actors in career mode already has me very skeptical of the game though …