Roger Ebert Admits Games Aren't So Shabby

The Escapist reports: "The preeminent film critic and thumb-extender who once said that "games could not be art" is admitting that games aren't so bad, though he'd still prefer other pastimes.

Responding to a "year in gaming" discussion going on over at Slate, Ebert remarked in the comments section of his blog that though he remains wary of elevating games to any cultural status of import, he's not as adamant about it as before. "I am still not sure video games can be 'art' in the sense that we use it in this thread, but I am convinced they are getting a lot better," Ebert said. "However, if I had at the beginning of my career been told I would spend the next 41 years playing video games, I would have taken up professional knitting."

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