Horizon Forbidden West: outsmart your enemies

What threats await Aloy, and how can you prepare yourself in the best way possible? Guerrilla talks all things combat.

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Magog41d ago

Calling it now. This is going to be the game of the generation.

_SilverHawk_41d ago

This game looks amazing and I can't wait to play it.

Eonjay41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

Check out these other new scenes:

Instead of recreating the wheel, they just made what was already there so much better. And its not like they just added stuff on, they actually put a let of effort into overhauling it. They also increased her mobility quite dramaticlly.

SyntheticForm40d ago


This looks incredible and Guerrilla have raised the bar yet again by the looks of it. The animation work of the raptor-like machines is a sight to behold and all the effects look great.


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medman41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

I think you said this in another post, and I'll say to you what I said then....if the game of this generation is a cross-gen title that is designed to be playable on the base ps4, as gamers we all lose. As much as I am looking forward to playing cross gen titles like Horizon, GT7, and God of War, I hope this generation offers much more, and so should you.

Magog41d ago (Edited 41d ago )

That's the dumbest thing I've ever read. Former GOTY contenders like Hades and The Witcher 3 ran on Switch which is about the same power as a PS3. PC games scale from a 3080 to a 780 with no problems. The only compromises made are to resolution and detail.

dbcoops41d ago

And I'll say to you that's a complete cop out, the game will be fundamentally the same game and phenomenal no matter what the frames and resolution is. People shouldn't feel like the graphic settings is the deciding factor in things like games of a generation and you shouldn't either.

Eonjay41d ago


I think what you are saying is that you want that only take advantage of the PS5. And they are coming of course but its more than just a face lift you are seeking. as @Magog points out PC games are scalable from powerful hardware to lat gen hardware. And I'm sure you realize this already. What I believe you are asking for are the games that can't run on systems that can handle the types of graphics piplines that the PS5 are capable of. This is a bigger conversation but consider the following:

Cerny stated that you can take advantage of the true power by updating your pipeline but he also stated that the PS5 would be more than happy to run traditional pipelines as well and as you are seeing it runs them very well. The reason he phrased the situation as such is because he knows what happened when Sony tried to force bespoke architectures on devs in the past. It didn't go well. So back to your point: when will we see the PS5 only games? Well, these new systems have to be studied and built first. In the meantime, They aren't trapped to next gen pipelines only so they can still produce content as they work.

If you want a more direct answer I will say 2023 is when we should see the biggest shits. But as you know, they always come. In the mean time, can I intrest you in some awesome Forbidden West game play lol

medman40d ago

Some of you folks (like magog) are truly confused if you think a game designed to run on the ps4's only limitation will be resolution and detail. The ps4 is why Forbidden West probably won't have flying mounts...the ps4 doesn't have the ability to load the data quickly enough. The ps4 is also the reason why the walking patterns of the robot machines will be just as predictable and confined to small areas just as they were in the first game. Wake up.

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MajorLazer41d ago

Generation's just started 🤦🏼‍♂️

Orchard41d ago

I'd say it's a bit early in the generation to call a game 'game of the generation', and to be honest, if the best game we're getting this generation is a cross-gen game from this early on in the generation when devs haven't truly mastered the hardware, the industry has issues and we've got a lamer than expected next 8-9 years with these consoles.

I love HZD, and I'll have great fun with HFW, but I expect later in the gen games to blow away anything this early, as has happened every other generation.

That being said, with this game coming out so early in the generation, GG will have another game out this gen for sure and maybe that'll be GOTG. I'm hoping they make a return to KZ after this, even if it's just for one title before returning to the Horizon universe.

ColtPSSX41d ago

I think there was rumors that Killzone might be returning. I wouldn’t mind and along with a new resistance.

Orchard41d ago

Agreed. I kinda expect them to be doing a KZ game next. I don't see them going onto a 3rd iteration of Horizon immediately, and I don't see them going off to make a new IP again that soon.

So I expect (and am hopeful for) a KZ 'reboot'.

Magog40d ago

The quality of a game has nothing to do with "mastering the hardware" it has to do with the programming, skill, and development talent making it. We are so past that stage of the medium. That's like saying a movie from 2027 has to be better than a movie from 2022 because the special effects are better. Ridiculous. For a lot of people Bloodborne is the GOTG for the PS4 era and it came out early in its lifespan.

Orchard40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

@Magog "The quality of a game has nothing to do with "mastering the hardware" it has to do with the programming, skill, and development talent making it."

But those go hand in hand... mastering the hardware IS programming, IS skill and is tied to the talent making it.

It's clear that HFW will be a great game, but it's also 100% clear that we will have bigger, better, more ambitious games than a cross-gen title from this close to launch. Even GG's next game will be better than HFW - I'd hope :)

Also, we've yet to see what ND can do with this hardware...

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nitus1040d ago (Edited 40d ago )

You can actually do something like this in the original game although what we have just seen in the clip from the latest release is so much more impressive.

There is a technique in the original game that can be called "luring", in that you set up traps (usually explosive or fire) and either by whistle (good for one machine or human), weak arrow (from a distance) or rock (can alert multiple machines so be careful) lure the machine(s) to your traps.

It must be noted that the whistle is IMHO one of the best ways to lure weaker machines (includes some humans) to you so you can destroy them by your spear. Of course you can use whistle to lure any machine to you so you can override them. Once you get comfortable with using a lure technique it is not that difficult to play on the hardest difficulty.

Hint: Never try to lure a machine who's light is orange since that will cause it's light to change to red and it will charge you. Of course if you have set up the appropriate traps that may be what you want.

PhillyDillyDee40d ago

You are a marketers wet-dream… maybe make that call once you have played it instead of conducting the hype-train.

But this is Magog we’re talking about…

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dbcoops41d ago

Now that's how you do open world, holy shnit!

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Outside_ofthe_Box40d ago

Crazy how great it looks considering it's being held back by the PS4

dbcoops40d ago

I have it on good authority from the experts right here at N4G that games aren't held back by being cross gen, so not to worry.

UnSelf41d ago

And to think this isn’t really taking FULL advantage of the ps5

Magog41d ago

Yes it is. It will be fully optimized for both ps4 and PS5's capabilities.

CS741d ago

Not possible to take full advantage of a 1 year old console while still supporting an 8 year old one.

Mark Cerny said so.

Full advantage of the PS5 cannot run on PS4. It would be a fundamentally different game.

medman41d ago

You are one confused critter.

Atticus_finch41d ago

I can't believe how soon we will be playing this game. I have my preorder ready.

Double_O_Revan41d ago

As much as I want Elden Ring, I think I want this more and will play it first.

Atticus_finch41d ago

Same for me. I know I will love elden right, I hope.
But Horizon is just another level. Potentially Guerilla games best work incoming.

nitus1040d ago

I am still trying to get a PS5 and I have no intention of paying a scalper.

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