Report: Konami Faced Plagiarism Accusations Over MGS Theme

The classic Metal Gear theme song has stayed fairly thematically consistent throughout each iteration of the Konami franchise -- and fans noticed its absence from the latest installment, Metal Gear Solid 4.

In an interview with print magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly, longtime series composer Norihiko Hibino explains why the familiar tune was left out of series creator Hideo Kojima's grand finale for Solid Snake:

"The truth is, Konami [had legal problems with] Russian composers who said we stole their music," Hibino told EGM.

A video on YouTube appears to show some Russian-speaking men presenting Hideo Kojima with a music recording whose melody bears a noticeable likeness to the Metal Gear Solid series theme. Kojima initially smiles, as if he believes he's being offered a cover rendition.

The men shown in the video then explain to an apparently perplexed Kojima that the tune they're playing is actually a classical composition described as a "soundtrack to Pushkin's verses" by Russian composer Georgy Sviridov. They also say it's written in 1979 -- over a full decade before the first Metal Gear game debuted.

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Mactabilis3597d ago

What I know about music. There is only so many pleasing note combinations you can do in a 4/4 signature before it sounds like something else in some kind of way. And for a simple base melody there are many things that are bound to sound similar. I'll have to hear this russian song but it's sad this is why the tune wasn't in MGS4.

Heldrasil3597d ago

this happens all the time in "pop" music and no one brings it up until someone wants their cut of the profit.

PirateThom3597d ago (Edited 3597d ago )

It's blatantly the same. But yeah, Kojima does seem genuinely shocked, since he had nothing to do with the music, I'm guessing.

Sarick3596d ago (Edited 3596d ago )

I've not playing this game yet but I do have a copy.

I've noticed some similarity in LBP music. LBP sounds like other tiles as well. While listening to the music sometimes I think Super Mario Bro's, Zelda, drakes fortune and other games I've played in the past.

Maybe it's just the instruments.