How to quit games for a year

Joystiq writes: 'Though he may not necessarily be a "hero" in the traditional sense of the word, Matthew Shafeek is something of a folk legend in the Joystiq offices. Against all logic, Shafeek decided to mark his 29th year of life with the complete abandonment of his favorite hobby, video games.

He's getting close to the 365-day finish line, and in the interim he's managed to read more, learn some recipes, travel, run a half-marathon and catalog all his progress on his blog Paused. We recently caught up with Shafeek via an email exchange to find out why he quit, when he's going back and from where he draws his staggering, iron resolve."

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3594d ago
HDgamer3594d ago

For me I couldn't do it, I game everyday. It relaxes me especially when you live in this town of mine. Now I could do this if I wasn't in my area and with a girl who will keep me busy that I will forget about gaming period.

ia_studio3594d ago

why would someone torture himself like that.