Does the gaming press of old hold up today?

They don't make game journalism like they used to, and that's probably a good thing.

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ApocalypseShadow666d ago (Edited 666d ago )

Rosy glasses you're wearing article writer. Not of yesterday. But of today. And I read the same mags. Bought plenty each month like I did comic books, science magazines and novels.

"...don't want to downplay the contributions of the people who built this field (or dismiss my own prior work), I'm confident in saying that it's in a far better place today because every successive generation of talent sees what came before and pushes it that much further."

Bull chips. The smell isn't fragrant with that nonsense.

Back then, a lot of game journalists seem to care about providing gamers the truth about games when games were simpler. Good or bad, most let you know what was a great game with great gameplay. And they tore a new one to games that were cash grabs or terribly created filth not worth a purchase. The bias was only for the type of game genre a journalist played. Then, a company entered the industry with wads of cash that changed things. Caught many times for bribes and hidden payments besides advertising dollars and swag.

Today, a lot of so called, "journalists" are just bloggers, influencers and sellouts to advertisers and swag. Game is broken or missing features before launch? You won't know from most of today's "journalists." Filled with micro transactions, grinding to acquire worthless cosmetics that used to be unlockable through play? These "journalists" won't say a word. Call out companies for the nonsense they pull that would hopefully set these developers straight? Nope. Not from today's "journalists." Because they are scared to lose the free bribes...er.. Swag. They don't want to lose access to companies by providing the truth.

And, my personal opinion, there's nothing wrong with crunch when it's your own product or decision to get something done. Or lives or health depends on crunching. When it's for another that expects results just for a profitable quarter for themselves, then crunch would be a problem. Especially when there are 9 other months to sell a great game. Some companies learned that by releasing all year. Not just for the holidays that's crowded. Sometimes crunch is necessary. As long as you pay me more for that extra time. That might benefit me or family.

My opinion anyway. But I miss the old days when truth, ethics and integrity mattered. And that's not just with games.

Sciurus_vulgaris665d ago

From the 1990s to about 2010 you needed credentials to be a game journalist. Now it seems anyone can go start a website, review games and report about the game’s industry.

mastershredder665d ago (Edited 665d ago )

So no it's about reviewing old reviews and news mags? Sad, sad ...Sad.

It's much more entertaining to review game-themed content creators and self proclaimed "journalists".

Ah the old gaming news days, when it was more cheeky humor and excitement, than one-sided outlooks, egos and who done it first. This article back then, would not hold up. LOL!

665d ago
thorstein665d ago (Edited 665d ago )

It was a lot better. Modern gaming journalism, journalism in general, is a joke.

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Ah I love this series so much. Port DQVIII to modern consoles I'll be v happy

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