Canessa Quits XBLA for PopCap

Xbox Live Arcade group manager Greg Canessa has quit Microsoft to join casual games outfit PopCap. PopCap looks likely to further extend its interests from the PC to consoles and mobile devices. Canessa spoke to Next-Gen about the move, claiming that PopCap could be "the next Blizzard"..

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God of Gaming4903d ago

This is pretty big news... he was a VERY open and visible MS guy. Interesting that hes going to PopCap who has more original games on Arcade than any other company. Interesting

Leo Atrox4903d ago

While Greg was a big factor in the success of Xbox Live Arcade, and was a standup guy willing to reach out to the community, I think it was time for him to move on. I'm not sure that Microsoft really had anyplace else that would have interested him as much as casual games; so--while sad for me--it is good to see that he's going to get to do something for which he seems to have a passion.

From Microsoft's vantage, I think it is a good thing as well. A PR nightmare perhaps; but good in the long run. Canessa was one of the guys who got to choose what games got the go-ahead on XBLA. And, while XBLA has been a success, Greg seemed fond of picking his all-time favorite arcade games from the 70's and 80's over newer games that were more appealing to today's gamers. To move forward with more original titles, I think that it may have been desireable to put someone else there.