Final Fantasy XIV - Regarding the Ongoing Congestion Situation and Compensation

Final Fantasy XIV is extremely popular and the latest expansion Endwalker (currently in early access) is attracting a ton of active and returning players.

While that’s a pretty nice problem to have for Square Enix, it is creating issues with the servers.

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Spenok53d ago

Definitely causing LONG queue times. It's crazy too when you consider on NOT overpopulated servers the queue times are in the 5000+ length. And this is BEFORE the launch for everyone. I'm expecting 10-15k queue lines on Tuesday for my server.

kenpachi53d ago

Same I wanted to play yesterday but the queue was just too long only 200 went out over a hour there was 4,500 in the queue

PapaBop52d ago

Honestly it's infuriating. Saturday I accidently closed my client by mistake, got hit with a 3.5k queue. Queue for two hours, get literally to position 1, lobby server timeout and kicked right back to the end of the queue. From trying to log back in at 3pm, i didn't get in until around about 9pm, that's unacceptable.

Having said this though, I love Yoshi P's honesty. No corporate hogwash of "we thank you for your patience" just honest answers to frustrating questions.

starforge7152d ago

I haven't been able to play since Wednesday and i got 3 months left on my sub this is beyond ridiculous