Gran Turismo 7 Porsche Vision GT Revealed

During the livestream for the Gran Turismo Sport FIA GT Championship the new Porsche Vision GT for Gran Turismo 7 was revealed.

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Father__Merrin49d ago

This game will look utterly incredible the best thing about GT is the value you get out of it will last you a long time can't wait for GT

Kurt Russell48d ago

It has always been a "go back to" game. I normally smash it when I first pick it up... yet when I start playing other games, this one always sits on the HDD for that evening I just got to play again. I hope it's the same with this new title.

darkrider49d ago

Gt is just at another level. No matter how much some try to downplay and compare to other racers. It's the one.

BenRC0149d ago

...If you only have a playstation

frostypants49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

True. "The one" is iRacing on PC. It's the one with the most actual real life pro-drivers lurking on the servers. But as far as console racers go, GT is it. Forza made a run at it but lost its momentum after F3 or so. GT found its online mojo with Sport and the return of a more robust offline mode will be great. Hopefully we can gift cars to friends again.

Atticus_finch49d ago (Edited 49d ago )

In any platform. When it come to car models GT has no competition. Go watch DF breakdown of Forza and GTsport. Not even close.

RedDevils49d ago

That only because you never driven a $500k car before. Go drive one and come back.

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Magog48d ago

True. It's the only driving game that holds my attention and makes me want to perfect every corner. The attention to detail is insane

Killer73nova49d ago

From what I’ve seen it doesn’t look much better the forza 5

CML249d ago

FH5 looks like a cartoon compared to GT7. GT7 will also play better for those who want an actual driving game.

Killer73nova49d ago

From what I played and the screenshots people post it’s not even close to a cartoon. The environment can get a bit cartoony but it’s pretty damn close to the gameplay that was shown of Gt7.
Now like you said forza is an arcade racer, I’m simply pointing out how good forza 5 compares to GT7 in terms of graphics. One can really do a solid comparison whenever forza Motorsports 8 comes out

thesoftware73049d ago

That is a dumb ass comment. Go look again.

Gaming4Life198149d ago

Gt has always gone for a more realistic lighting and color system so yes it looks more realistic. Gt also has less detail than previous forza motorsport games and I'm talking about the environments and track detail. Gt will look and play great and so does forza motorsport and horizon games.

Forza horizon 5 doesn't look like a cartoon and you know that but haters gotta hate. The real comparison will come when both forza motorsport and gt are out as they are both simulation racers.

Redlife2g49d ago

Cartoon? Lol come on man... Fh5 is one gorgeous ass game...and I'm a gt fanboy

DJStotty48d ago

Comparing Horizon to GT is not the way to do it, 2 different genre's.

GT7 can not be compared to Forza Motorsport yet as we have zero footage for Motorsport, for all we know it could look better than GT7, or it might not.

I will await gameplay of both and then do a comparison.

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Atticus_finch49d ago

GTsport was already a gen ahead of any Forza. So FH5 is barely trying to catch up because their vehicle models are not as detailed as GT.

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