The latest Forza Horizon 5 patch update introduced some new issues

Forza Horizon 5 is acclaimed by critics and players alike, but it's not without its bugs and issues. Playground Games recently released a sizeable patch update to resolve many of these problems, but introduced some new flaws in the process.

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Tacoboto41d ago

I have encountered the Infinite save bug, when it was saving the application of an online design to my car. After 30 seconds I knew something was wrong, restarted the game and tried loading the same design to the same car - it worked.

Glad I'm not the only one, hopefully they can sort out the issues quickly

CR7JUVE189741d ago

I honestly thought that there was something wrong with my Series X at first. I literally waited 20 minutes for an auction buy to go through before I just quit the game and started over again.

D3TH_D33LR41d ago

I’m on a very high end pc (3080, i9-9900k, 32mb ram) and I keep getting low bandwidth errors where my game doesn’t load the map ahead after driving too fast or going over a piece of terrain that was blocking my view of the other side and the game will stop to load. Happens in online races too and it’s super frustrating as I’ll just sit in place as everyone passes me. My pc should and could handle this game just fine on ultra settings. Really makes online racing annoying.

Bladesfist41d ago

I had that when I had the game installed on a HDD, I moved it to an SSD and haven't had that issue since.

D3TH_D33LR40d ago

Mines on an SSD and reading on the forums that lots are having the same issue.

Bladesfist40d ago

That sucks, hope you find another fix

DJStotty40d ago

"32mb RAM"

That PC sounds like a beast /s

DJStotty40d ago

Not mad, just think you mean 32GB Ram, i mean the PS3 has 256MB Ram lol, so is the PS3 8 times as powerful as your PC?

So me "staying dumb and mad" is nothing more than me being intelligent and laughing.

AmUnRa40d ago

32MB ram....what a monster rig🙄

DJStotty40d ago (Edited 40d ago )

That's what i thought, an absolute beast!!!, The Series X has 16GB, 500 times more than his PC lmao

dumahim41d ago

I'm getting pretty slow load times after the races now. It isn't horrible, but it's certainly a lot longer than it used to be. 15 seconds or so. Also I left the house and the controls became completely unresponsive. Had to exit out and relaunch.

I had this happen on a danger sign after the patch, but not sure if it's patch related or not.

Kurisu41d ago

I've noticed this too actually. Black screen with the white circle going around at the bottom for longer than it used to.

headshotfrosty40d ago

Same here. They're a quality company so I'm sure they'll patch the patch soon enough.

gamer780441d ago

I have tried this game off and on several times and Convoy multiplayer mode is broken. You can’t see friends you drive around with. This is the worst Forza launch I’ve seen in a long time. Just going to forget about it and try again another time in a few weeks.

Magog41d ago

All too common with patches. They rush out a fix and that fix breaks other things. Best to take your time and get it right.

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