Gran Turismo 7 - Deep Forest Raceway Gameplay

Enjoy a flying lap on Deep Forest Raceway in Gran Turismo 7 captured on PS5™.

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thesoftware73045d ago

Wow, hopefully the video is just compressed too much. Graphically this pales a lot in comparison with Forza 5.

I know they are 2 different styles of gameplay, but man, that is an unimpressive video.

TheTony31645d ago

They're not really comparable. FH5 has the advantage of being an open world arcade racer. You can only do so much in a track based racing sim when it comes to locations and enviromental detail. Forza Motorsport 8 vs GT7 would be a fairer comparison.

King Nezz45d ago

Huh??? I mean there's less to render since it's a closed track racer. You can crank up textures, AA, density, and car models. I expect this and Forza 8 to look better than a huge open-world racer like Horizon 5.

TheTony31645d ago

King Nezz

There's less to render but a closed racing track will always look dull compared to a big open world setting. There's not much vegetation to add if the real track it tries to replicate doesn't have much to to begin with. Car models and lighting look really good.

Si-Fly45d ago

You realise Deep Forest Raceway is a fictional track right? 🤣

TheTony31645d ago


I know. I'm talking about GT in general.

Newmanator45d ago

That doesn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Silly gameAr45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Damn, sorry. I was right the first time. I should have had my glasses on because I can barely see anything.

KillBill45d ago

That argument is completely opposite to the issue at hand.

dumahim45d ago

Yeah, but why is the track practically spotless? It should have marks all over and discolored on the racing line through the curves. It could be livened up a bit with some damage in places, more advertising signage, etc.. There's large open grass areas shown near the end off to the right that feel really out of place at a race track. You'd usually see fans sitting there or used for parking.

bouzebbal44d ago

I love this series, but I’m not impressed with car models they need lot of Polish.. this is the first GT game that isn’t photo realistic on the gameplay trailers.. let’s see if they can pull it off

GhostScholar44d ago

Technically an open world is harder to have amazing visuals than a track by track game like gt. That's a nonsensical comment. You're making my point for me. Thanks.

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ElvisHuxley45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

Look at the lighting on the trees, on each individual leaf, it's better than Forza, which is saying something for a youtube video. Just because something is flashy doesn't make it better than something else. Excessive lens flare alone doesn't equate to great visuals. Sim racers aren't trying to be flashy, and they're not for everyone. If you like the flashiness and over the top style of arcade racers, Forza is probably better for you. Forza is fun, but it's not a serious racer, nor is it trying to be.

gravedigger45d ago

GT games always had the state of the art lighting.

RaidenBlack44d ago

Most people are drawing comparison based off of purely from visuals.
Yes, FH5 & GT7 are from different racing genres ... but nobody's comparing the mechanics or the functionalities (you need hands on for that for both games). So purely visual comparison is an interesting venture. Just the visuals of which both can be seen side by side in a web browser.
So, here's Horizon 5's cockpit view driving on road (with minimal vegetation in FoV) :

1Victor44d ago

@RaidenBlack thanks for the video I noticed that it have a lot of magic trees half baked and popping up details when you get closer something I didn’t see on gt7 🤷🏿
Everyone should enjoy what they have and stop putting down other games.
We can compare all we want but ultimately we can only do superficial comparisons like graphics we don’t know which is better as they are running on different hardware and controller can make a difference on game quality.

NXFather44d ago

Here is a better comparison than the one Raiden black gave.

RaidenBlack44d ago

Bruh, that's an old comparison video from 3 months ago using 30fps compressed FH5 footage for the cockpit gameplay.

King Nezz44d ago

Talking about popup or the lack of proper reflection updating, the green car at the 54 second mark has a texture morph or do something taken out of R&C: Rift Apart and at the 1:21 mark, those reflections on all the cars in the tunnel look horrid.

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Amplitude45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

It looks amazing, dont get me wrong. But i just have to comment on the trees man, The pop-in of the lighting on the trees is really rough and the 2D cutouts of leaves rotating with the camera like Mario 64 is inexcusable at this point in time. I always find it a bit distracting and kind of ugly. Trees have always been the only bad part of Gran Turismo and its better here but... come on.
Motorstorm did it too and it constantly took my eyes off the road to stare at the textures rotating with the camera lol

EvertonFC45d ago

You stare at trees while racing ?

0hMyGandhi45d ago

Do you not notice trees while driving? or buildings? or pedestrians?

As far as games go, and especially Gran Turismo, I sure as hell will notice the environment I'm driving through far more than whatever meticulously detailed array of 3d-modeled bulbs are housed in the headlamps.

dbcoops45d ago (Edited 45d ago )


"Do you not notice trees while driving? or buildings? or pedestrians?"

Not at 130 miles an hour with cars all around me doing the same speed I dont. This is a racing game not a casual drive around town game. What I do notice quite easily though is the fanboy nitpicking going on so people can rip this game apart.

dumahim45d ago

And hardly anyone has any serious complaints about the LOD pop-in with FH5 in performance mode which seems more obvious there than what's going on here.

DJStotty44d ago

The 2D trees have pop in textures around most of the track, they almost look plastic.

The car/track details seem spot on, but i feel more work needs to be done on the environment, whether this is a sacrifice to get RT running @4K, who knows, but for me the environments in other racing games look better.

IRetrouk44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Dj that's a shadow culling issue not texture pop, same thing happens in halo, only more aggressive. Also, not 2d trees.

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gravedigger45d ago

Forza Horizon 5 is native 4k at 30 fps in quality mode. And in performance mode is 1600p-4k. This is native 4k at 60.

Sayai jin45d ago

Does it have race tracing?

Bruh45d ago

and Horizon 5 looks a whole generation ahead of this game visual wise loll

SurgicalMenace45d ago

You guys are aware that this is a YOUTUBE video, how about we pull up Ratchet & Clank to see how much fidelity YouTube captures there? I've NEVER seen ANY racer show as much detail as GT and this is after owning Forza, Dirt, GRID, etc. Drive Club was the closest, imo.

dumahim45d ago

@Sayai jin
Yes, in Forzavista, similar to how it will be in GT7.

Orchard45d ago

It’s dynamic res if you enable the performance mode - not native.

thesoftware73044d ago


Ohhhh, I get it, that explains why it graphically pales compared to Forza 5.

gravedigger44d ago


Sure. In your Xbox fantasy land

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CrimsonWing6945d ago

I’m sorry but can you elaborate on what exactly pales in comparison? What it looked at was impressive in the sense that it looked almost photorealistic. What are you unimpressed with specifically?

darkrider45d ago

Pales... Dude, you really don't know what you are talking. Better rewind again the video. From lightning, to reflections, to Tyre noise.... Again rewind, something that you must be used to do...

44d ago
Father__Merrin45d ago

i find forza horizons 5 just a slight step up from forza horizons 4, i think you dont like realistic visuals and prefer open world colour

0hMyGandhi45d ago

I love how adding color magically means that something is unrealistic.

badz14945d ago


dude...please tell us you don't think FH5 is realistic. it's as arcadey as it gets in terms of driving and racing

dbcoops45d ago

Agreed 100%, they are acting like Horizon 5 is a generational leap over Horizon 4 and it is not.

0hMyGandhi44d ago


I don't think the color palette lends itself to making Forza unrealistic........It's an arcadey-racer.
The color palette has nothing to do with it.

DJStotty44d ago (Edited 44d ago )


"please tell us you don't think FH5 is realistic. it's as arcadey as it gets in terms of driving and racing"

Which is why it is an Arcade racer, (slaps forehead)

GT7 will be compared to Forza Motorsport when that is launched 22/23, not FH

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Sayai jin45d ago

Forza 5 has been released and the gaming community as a whole has spoken and it reached critical acclaim. I am sure GT will release and be widely praised as well. It brings a solid racer to the PS5.

Forza is solid and GT will be solid and one ends up being better than the other, it. People that play on only one console won't be bothered. Just enjoy games people.

DarXyde45d ago

Even then, it's a bit apples to oranges. It would be kinda like comparing Ni-Oh to Ninja Gaiden. Thematic and mechanical similarities, certainly... But two fundamentally different experiences for what you're into. One may not necessarily be better than the other, but does cater more to what someone else is into.

Sayai jin45d ago

Agreed, as I understand the differences between the two, nut they will be compared since they are "racers". The issie is that many ha e to bash the other when comparing. Forza is great and I am sure GT will be great to. Neither franchise has ever disappointed.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi45d ago

The cars look better than fh5. The track details are lacking though. Its hard to compare really. Race tracks don't have mud or puddles or foliage. So is it technically worse or just a matter of design?

0hMyGandhi45d ago

they have a visual "budget" to stick to, and so they need to pick and choose what is modeled and detailed and what is not.

The issue I have is that Polyphony overworking certain details and ignoring other areas. They remind me of that one guy in art class who can draw a super realistic eye, but can't for the life of them, depict a human face.

dumahim45d ago

I think it needs to be dirtied up a bit. Looks a bit sterile. The track should be marked up a bit from skids and have discoloration along the driving line through the curves. Maybe a little damage or imperfections here and there and a bit more advertising signage.

Fonsecap45d ago

I kinda have to agree with you, at least they should give foliage some animation, trees and almost everything else is so static.

ooquis45d ago

Pace yourself my friend, your gonna be talking about Forza 5 for the next 3 years before you have something new to talk about. Pace yourself!

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yeahokwhatever44d ago

I play FH5 on my PC with everything maxed out. You're high, sir.

gravedigger44d ago

Quote :

:Ohhhh, I get it, that explains why it graphically pales compared to Forza 5.


Sure bud. Just with lighting system, GT7 demolish Forza

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UltimateRacer45d ago

Looks great, people need to remember it doesn’t release until next March so plenty of work is still being done to the game but it’s very exciting.

TinkerNation45d ago

That's in 3 months. Around 2 months until the game has to go gold, and there's very little that they can change in 2 (or even 3) months, especially in terms of graphics. It will be mostly finalizing content, and bug fixes.

fr0sty45d ago

You do realize separate teams work on all of those things, right?

Orchard45d ago (Edited 45d ago )

@fr0sty Only the graphics team works on graphics… and there will obviously be graphics bugs to fix as they go through cert.

Realistically when you factor in cert and printing disks etc, they have about 1-2 months left, plus some Japanese holidays in the middle reducing it a bit further.

No one is adding or improving things, and shaking the jello, that close to release unless the game is launching as a mess OR being delayed.

UltimateRacer41d ago

I remember saying that myself when GTSport was 3-4 months out and that changed and got better before release.

EazyC45d ago

I think most of the work being done at this point relates to bugs/functionality. It won't look any different to this playing it.

Flawlessmic45d ago

It does look great i dont get what people are not picking over, definitely looks way better than gt sport!.

As far as forza 5 goes that game looks and plays brillant have had a really good time with it but they are 2 different games so not sure why there being compared.

Gt will always look sterile next to a game like forza, its a simulator what do you want exactly.

So pumped for this though i wasnt a fan of sport so iv basically waited a full generation to get a tradtional gt!!

iplay1up244d ago

Funny, when Flight Simulator released, and with the most realistic Sim of the entire WORLD, Sony fans said "I am not interested in sims". Flight Simulator is still going to be the most detailed, realistic game out there. Especially in the areas Microsoft has photo realistic technology implemented. PC and Series X show a very realistic world.

Real time whether! You can literally fly through a Hurricane, in real time. Every plane is detailed from top to bottom. So GT is amazing looking, but it doesn't come close to being as realistic as Flight Simulator.

IRetrouk43d ago

"Flight Simulator is still going to be the most detailed, realistic game out there."

"You can literally fly through a Hurricane, in real time."


where-eagles-dare45d ago

To me, this just looks like a slightly updated version of Gran Turismo sport playing on a PS4 pro. I watched this gameplay on an Oled display and I was not impressed. From a visual standpoint, the sterile clean and empty style of the visuals has hardly changed in 20 years.

I don't care if I get crucified for saying this but from someone who is a PS5 owner and who has never purchased an Xbox console, I was far more excited by the visuals from the latest Forza title.

ElvisHuxley45d ago

I've been following this game somewhat, and I own Forza Horizon 5 for PC, but this is an absurd comment.

mcstorm45d ago

I am with you on this. I don't know if its just that the leap in power is no longer there compared to past consoles but I was not wowed by this at all.

Even though gt5 was a mess some cars and tracks made me go wow. Horizon 5 made me go wow this is a step up but I feel we are yet to see this with the new Gen consoles.

EazyC45d ago

It truly is becoming difficult to get meaningful improvement in graphics for racing games.

The new Assetto Corsa will probably be the new benchmark.

darkrider45d ago

Forza horizon is a colorful arcade racer. This isn't. This is closer to reality. From braking, to tires, to suspension. This is closer to real driving and not something with planes and fireworks... Horizon is a good game, but got nothing to do with gt.

King Nezz45d ago

Colorful? Someone has not seen Horizon 5 in HDR or Dolby Vision. You know, features that try to make colors more vivid and realistic at the same time. In Dolby Vision, everyone I asked about its looks have said it looks realistic. Gran just looks flat. And sure, Youtube videos lose detail. But it should not look bland. They do have time to adjust small little details. But as someone with a PS5, I'm not too excited. I'll pick it regardless. Just don't know if the immersion is there when it comes to its visuals. I know gameplay wise it'll be great.

44d ago
King Nezz44d ago

What are you talking about? There's a reason why people prefer HDR over resolution. The extension of the color gamut adds colors to what we are more likely to see in real life. Hence why a game could look great without HDR but have too much contrast making it look cartoony. Hell even techradar says it.

"HDR is bringing media closer to what the human eye sees, and by doing so, is creating more realistic images, from scenes bleached with sunlight to nighttime shots on city streets.

Here's the big takeaway: HDR TVs and content will display a more realistic color range, with an expanded contrast ratio to make black parts of the image look closer to 'true' black."

So let me guess, you know more than a site that's know for... tech? Go read up to find more about HDR and don't just go to Wikipedia.

iplay1up244d ago (Edited 44d ago )

Still, this doesn't come close to the Realism of flights simulator. Again, specifically, In areas where Microsoft implemented photo realistic technology. It looks great, but not as realistic as Flight Simulator.

Also the lighting in Horizon 5 is better. Drive through the jungles in H5. Absolutely stunning. Of coarse I am talking about the PC and Series X versions.