Inside the Surprise Chrono Cross-over Event That Has Fans Buzzing About a Remake

Following reports that beloved PlayStation RPG Chrono Cross might have a remaster in the works, another unrelated piece of official news is helping fuel the Chrono nostalgia even more. Chrono Cross is getting its first-ever crossover event by making an appearance in mobile JRPG Another Eden.

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Knightofelemia46d ago

I would love it if Chrono Trigger was thrown into the mix as well if there is going to be a Chrono Cross remake. I would buy both games as a package deal if Chrono Trigger is not thrown it I would still buy the Chrono Cross remake if there was one being made I love the game. I wish Xenogears was also being remade as well hands down on of my favorite rpgs.

NecrumOddBoy45d ago

Chrono Trigger remade in the Octopath engine. Chrono Cross remade in their Luminous engine. Do the right thing Square and also stop with these damn trash mobile games.

Outlawzz44d ago

As great as that sounds and I'm betting it would sell, no cash comes in easier than the mobile whale fishing apps. Those whales are biting hard out there lol