Valkyria Largely Ignored by U.S. Gamers

Sega's Valkyria Chronicles was never expected to be a huge hit in the U.S.--Japanese tactical RPGs aren't exactly lighting up the charts these days.

Nevertheless, pockets of gamers admired the stylish PS3 exclusive for its unique look and interesting mix of real-time and turn-based tactics. Those fans might like to know that the game sold just 33K units in the U.S. during November, according to NPD Group.

NPD's David Riley told Edge the game didn't manage to crack the top 100 game SKUs for November, whose software sales roster was ruled by titles including World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, Gears of War 2, Wii Fit and Call of Duty: World at War.

Valkyria Chronicles released on November 4 in the U.S. The title first shipped in Japan in late April, where it performed much better, shifting 77K units in its first week. It debuted at number three behind blockbusters Mario Kart Wii and Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G, according to Media Create.

But in a U.S. shopping season that included such commercial heavy-hitters, it's no surprise that this uncommon title was lost in the shuffle.

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N4PS3G3601d ago

wow..thats sad really :S

Nathan Drake3601d ago

That the JRPG Strategy game from Sega has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide with no commercial advertising campaign?

Tell me what the numbers from Last Remnant are,since it's a Square Enix game placed exclusively on the 360,the numbers better be in excess of 500,000 otherwise you just made yourself look like a fool.

callahan093600d ago

It's one of the best games of the year. Easily the best strategy game of the year.

I'd say that it breaks the top 5 best in each of the following categories this year:

Art Direction
Voice Acting
Strategy Games
Role Playing Games
Playstation 3 Games

Nothing short of an astonishingly well-executed computer game. Just brilliant all-around. The scenarios represent strategy at its finest, the depth of the game and its mechanics is purely brilliant, and I just love everything about it.

It deserves to sell well. But it won't. Oh well.

Liquid Dust3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

at this quality, i really hope they keep releasing games just like this one, cant wait till christmas to get it, only hearing and reading great things


Im doin my part to support great software for the PS3, are you? Let loose those wallets a little! While youre at it pick up R2/Bioshock/LBP/wipEout HD, my 4 recent favs on my currently played list.

N4PS3G3600d ago

Nathan really..don't try so hard

It says the game sold 33k in Nov and 77 k in japan

100k in in USA + Japan for a game with so many good reviews its really bad these days

as for The last Remnant ..It debuted at numbers 4 in japan with 100k in a system with less than a million consoles user base (360)

Also The last remnant wasn't critically well received like Valkyria

33k for this game is pitiful and sad.because im sure its a great game

So really don't make yourself look like a fool defending the undefendable.

CrazzyMan3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

Come on, japanese bought over 150k, are americans THAT tasteless???

The only bad thing Sega did, releasing this game in November and not in Septmeber-October. Too many great games were released in last month. Not many people can afford over 10 games in 1 month.
YET, i hope this game will have good legs and people will buy more, just like Uncharted, which started with ~200k first week, and after 1 year reached over 2 mln. in sales.
I hope this game also will reach atleast over 1 mln. by next Christmas. =)

However, atleast VC sold better then most jrpgs released in this gen. =)
Try demo people, and if you will like it, BUY it, you won`t be dissapointed. ;)

INehalemEXI3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

yall keep pushing it though ...I eventually get it. Just got Fallout 3 and im broke due to xmas shopping too.

miniduf13600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

wow Nathan what is your problem, N4PS3 G didn't even say anything about the 360. Yet you had to start bashing the 360? Do you really want to start a flame war. Why so loyal to the company you bought a console from honestly its a little pathetic and sad. Dont drag the 360 in, its the fact that PS3 owners are missing a good game, its there fault and theirs alone.

Nathan Drake3600d ago

Ahh,so it hasn't sold over 500,000?

It looks like The Last Remnant sales are sad really.

evrfighter3600d ago

Compare that with the 200k in its first month "Sins of a Solar Empire" with the same zero marketing campaign (no publisher) on a platform (PC) that sees pirating run rampant with no DRM safeguards whatsoever. I'll also throw in a "ya that's sad"

I know they are of different genre. But it's largely at a disadvantage being a pc exclusive and pirates being able to download it with no drm.

TheSadTruth3600d ago

I saw the video review for this.. it looked pretty interesting and unique, I would probably buy it if I owned a PS3. Unfortunately I think the cellshaded-esque graphics are a huge turnoff for the western PS3 fanbase, it certainly isn't the kind of art direction I like.

Sarcasm3600d ago

Yeah it's a shame really. Valkyria Chronicles is an excellent game. SEGA Should also release it on the 360, as the game itself should be played by all.

pain777pas3600d ago

I'm going to get it once this madness is over that my Jan game till KZ2 and SF4.

SaiyanFury3600d ago

I got this game on day one and have been loving it. The sheer amount of thinking that goes into every turn is great. It IS too bad that it's not selling all that well, but considering the sheer amount of highly anticipated games coming to market this holiday it doesn't surprise me. Hopefully it will pick up after the new year.

deeznuts3600d ago

N4PS3G, 77k in Japan was just for the first week.

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NinjaRyu3601d ago

That means 2 things to me. 1 it will get ported to the 360 or 2 when I get a PS3 nest year I can buy it for cheap. Hell maybe both will happen!

Chubear3600d ago

Ofcourse it'll get ported. It was always going to be ported to the 360 later on. Did you see any "only on PS3" stickers on the box? ofcourse not, why? cause it's just a timed exclusive.

v1c1ous3600d ago

all the ps fanboys were proclaiming from the top of their lungs that 360 users don't buy rpgs. that they only buy FPS and shooting games.

so, maybe its not the console, but the genre in itself that is having trouble finding an audience this generation?

cp683601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Although i love sega, this game just sucks so bad. THat's just me though, i'm not into those types of games although i LOVE role playing games. THe little 'tactic' addition put me far away from valkyria. And well, i'll be frank with you, the cell shading is totally useless. Cell shading = lazy developers.

I bet you TRINE, the very recently announced PSN console exclusive game, will sell more on the first day than the amount of games valkyria sold until now. The TRINE debut teaser trailer has been watched over 30,000 times on day one, and EVERYONE loved it.

Danja3600d ago (Edited 3600d ago )

dude..lets be honest you've never really played the game..

hence you wouldn't be saying all this crap about it..

Information Minister3600d ago

Just because you don't like a game, that doesn't mean it sucks. It just means it's not your cup of tea.

UltimateIdiot9113600d ago

Wow, what did you play, just the demo?
The game is far better than the demo, the story is very good and the whole gameplay is great.
I've done my part and bought the game. Even though I didn't get my artbook and paid full price, I don't regret it. I love the game, it's on par with MGS4 on my favorite title list.

Enate3601d ago

I'm getting it for Christmas an gonna love every minute of it.