Call of Duty made $3 billion in 2020, so of course Activision Blizzard is laying off QA

Some contractors are stuck waiting to see if they’ll keep their jobs

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XiNatsuDragnel48d ago

Oh boy the situation in my opinion is Activision going down a tube.

galgor48d ago

A company making this much money isn't going anywhere anytime soon.. people are replaceable.

Michiel198948d ago

like yes activision bad, but isnt a contractors thing that they do NOT work for a company, so have no assurance of having a job? thats the risk of going solo, so now they are basically complaining that they are contractors and not working a fulltime job at a company?

CobraKai48d ago

I’m not shocked. You’re right. I mean if theyre contracted, they don’t directly work for Activision. If they signed the contract with Activision, then they agreed to the terms presented which may include a way to end the contract on Activision’s part without breaching it. If they read it and signed anyway, that’s the contractor’s problem. If they didn’t read it and signed, that’s also the contractor’s problem.

Also Activision: “$3 billion dollars! We don’t need QA. People will buy our crap regardless! Bring in the coke and hookers!”

Michiel198948d ago

they do definitely need more of them yeah ;)

TheLigX48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Companies like activision take on contract workers because they are easy to exploit. It gives them a free pass to do whatever shady shit they want. The whole contract work trend has just been another tactic for big corporations to ensure that workers have even less rights. The whole contract system is a scam.

Omegasyde48d ago

Eh you sure about that?

If they don’t have any major games in the pipeline for a while, why pay a QA staff to sit on their asses?

tombfan48d ago

What I find amazing is that the casual consumer who is the same that gives CoD millions of sales really doesn't care nor doesn't know a thing about this whole matter, we're just a small group of people who enjoy seeing news and being informed, so, that's why the game is still selling like hotcakes.

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